Oddly enough, Sean Penn’s controversial Rolling Stone interview with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman didn’t bring the expected barrage of anti-Hollywood vitriol from the Sunday morning politicos today — no doubt in part because the NBC and Fox News interviews with Donald Trump were taped pre-Stone — but Republican Marco Rubio did call Penn’s piece “grotesque,” while White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough said he was “appalled” by Guzman’s “bragging to the interviewers in Rolling Stone.”

Democratic Bernie Sanders, also on This Week, said “I read a little bit about it. So I have nothing much profound to say about it, except that I’m glad this this drug cartel leader has been caught. People like him have done incredible harm to people in our country and to his own country.”

Stephanopoulos also asked White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough about the Rolling Stone article. “I was appalled by his braggadocio about an epidemic that’s sweeping this country on heroin addiction,” he said. “I was appalled by his bragging to the interviewers in Rolling Stone that he moves more heroin than anyone in the world.”

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Watch McDonough’s comments here.

As Deadline reported last night, Penn’s secret interview with Guzman helped law enforcement authorities locate El Chapo for Friday’s bust.