Oscars: Host Chris Rock Tweets Promo For 'The White BET Awards'

Chris Rock drew awards buzz for his 2014 film Top Five, and today we get a new Top Three. It’s been 11 years since the comic hosted the Academy Awards, and he’ll be back next month for Star Awards: Episode LXXXVIII. Today he tweeted out a 15-second promo for the trophy show, which he calls “the White BET Awards.” His list of the top three reasons to watch the Oscars hints at themes with which filmgoers are familiar — sex, death and cussing:

ABC will air the 88th annual Academy Awards will air live on February 28 from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

    1. I never understand why particular people cry “race baiting” every time a black person refers to race. Not only is that an incorrect description, race issues in America NEED no bait… as this years Oscar nominations most poignantly display.

  1. Racism and hate from black man towards white people. Great. How he is not shamed for it?

    I’m sorry but when more and more black people publicly joke or scream: “I hate you white people because you are white” – that is pure racism,

    1. You can only be racist if you’re of the perpetrating group who has the power. Otherwise you’re just pissed off. As a white person in America you’re not experiencing racism, you’re experiencing anger and blowback resulting from systemic racism. Just be happy you’re white and move along.

      1. Wow, you couldn’t be any more wrong if you tried. Racism is racism , and it doesn’t matter what “group” you’re a part of.

  2. The producers, director A. Innaritu and Leonardo Dicaprio need to apology to the public for no hiring any black actors for The Revenant. There might’ve been 1 token face thrown in, but this is unacceptable. Where their revisionism? No black folk living with the Indians?

    1. Exactly. And why no white leading actors in Straight Outta Compton? They could have cast white actors to play hip hop thugs? Why not? All roles are interchangeable and color means nothing, right? Why didn’t a white actor play MLK last year? Come on now, all fair — right?

  3. Why is it a must to get an Oscar award from the academy? Do job prospects go up after an award is received? I DON’T THINK SO Just ask Lupita or Monique. Their job prospects has not increased. So, are awards given to white people or other people of color at the BET awards?The BET awards are just as glamorous and exciting as the Oscars?

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