Chris Rock: Oscars Commercial

How are the Oscars like New Year’s Eve? This year’s Academy Awards host Chris Rock offers his observation in this 15-second spot posted, appropriately enough, on the final day of 2015 and somehow largely overlooked and unremarked until today. If there’s one thing that really takes off once the calendar has clicked over to the New Year, it’s Awards Season. Sure, it has already been under way for weeks, well months actually if we’re honest. But Oscar nominations balloting is under way and continues until 5PM January 8. The nominations will be announced January 14 and the awards will be handed out February 28 live on ABC. Now, back to that commercial.

  1. Where are the comments bitching about how bad this commercial is and how horrible Chris Rock will be as host?

    Come on, people! Don’t disappoint me! The nation is waiting!

  2. It’ll be 3 hours of lame jokes about Trump and why so few black people have been nominated…I can’t wait. I’m sure the TV critics have already written how bad Rock did as host, they’re just waiting for the show to air and end before they click “send”.

  3. Personally I’ve never been a fan of Chris Rock, but I never watch the Oscars either, so don’t care if he’s good or bad at hosting this year.

  4. I’m just surprised Rock took the gig… with a lot of the other “celebrity” hosts I get it… but not Rock. He’s better than this.

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