Lady Gaga To Perform Oscar-Nominated Song At Producers Guild Awards

In a big get for the PGA, Lady Gaga has been added to the lineup of this Saturday’s Producers Guild Of America Awards where she will perform her Oscar- and Grammy-nominated song “Til It Happens To You” from director Kirby Dick’s documentary The Hunting Ground. The pic is the recipient of Pete Hammond badgethe guild’s Stanley Kramer Award. Producer Amy Ziering will accept the honor at the awards gala being held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in L.A.

The Kramer Award is given to a production that highlights social issues, and Dick’s film focusing on sexual assault survivors on college campuses certainly seems to fit the definition of that. The song, written by Gaga and Diane Warren, is a powerful even angry anthem that is one of the favorites to takeThe Hunting Ground poster vertical the Best Song Oscar this year.

Certainly performing at the PGAs offers an opportunity for scores of Academy voters to hear it in person. It is also one of the ways contenders can get around the Academy’s stringent post-nomination rules that don’t allow direct campaign events where performances like this are verboten. Lady Gaga has appeared singing the song at a couple of those in the pre-nomination period to great effect. She even introduced it at one event I attended where she revealed she had once been the victim of rape herself,

The PGA Awards are the first major stop on the industry circuit and are being looked at closely to give clues for this year’s tight Best Picture race. The guild’s choice has correctly forecast the ultimate winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in each of the past eight years.

    1. It is but that’s Lady Gaga, she’s nominated as a co-writer for a song she only changed one line of (Ask Linda Perry) and won a Golden Globe that made her the Pia Zadora of 2016.
      I don’t know who are her backers but they are very very powerful.

      1. That Linda Perry you are referring to wasn’t even in the studio while the song was being recorded. She said what she said just because her song didn’t get an Academy Award nomination. AND SHE APOLOGIZED LATER.
        Also the Press didn’t have anything bad to say about Gaga’s win and most people on Twitter said they liked the performance and that the win was well – deserved.
        So many haters that where sure she was over in 2013 can’t come to terms with the fact that that is clearly not the case.

  1. Once again, she’ll attempt to cheat her way to an empty win in order to try and make us all forget when she was vomited on in one of her desperate attempts at high art.

    It would be nice if she could wait to win an award based on making a song that actually resonates with people instead of shoehorning this dirge onto voters so often they feel like they have to vote for her. Of course no one seems to care that this violates academy rules…

    1. There are less than 7,000 Academy members . They are not plain ordinary people who might be tricked into voting a song just because it’s being promoted. Your argument is invalid.

    2. “Desperate attempts in high art” The problem in this world, is that people judge you on your own artistic expression , if you had any research regarding on that performance , she performed swine , which is a song about her unpleasant sexual abuse experience when she was 19, and the girl vomiting at her(Millie Brown who is creating artwork by vomiting at at a canvas). Gaga portrayed how degrading it is to be raped and she wanted to express the outrage and disgust she felt at the person who abused her.So do call that desperate ?

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