EXCLUSIVE:Making it through Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s brutal period film The Revenant is as much an endurance test for the audience as it is for the characters in the film. The cruelty, constant danger and yes, brutality pummels the viewer in every shot, and credit for much of that goes to the actors, who conveyed anguish, pain, fear, anger and such despite, quite often, the film’s minimalist approach to dialogue.

In this exclusive featurette, Iñárritu and cast members discuss the acting, not only the intense performance of star Leonardo DiCaprio, but of Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, and more. “It was like a theatric play, and all the actors embraced that thinking,” Iñárritu says. “All the actors were really powerful, and I couldn’t be happier to witness, really, the miracle of art.”

There’s much more of course. Check out the video above.

Philip Lee
7 months
Absolutely, Tom Hardy is brilliant in the film.
7 months
Wow are you wrong. Tom is great...and um, we are talking about The Revenant here not Mad...
Ninja Matrix
7 months
Tom is good. Not great. He was the weakest part of Mad Max. Good. Not great.