Golden Globes Ratings Slip From 2015 In Final Numbers – Update

2nd UPDATE, 10:34 AM: The final numbers are in for the 73rd Annual Golden Globes and while still down from last year, things have tighten up – both among adults 18-49 and in total viewership. Based on time zone adjusted numbers, including that last 6-minutes that were left out of the earlier numbers, last night’s Globes drew a 5.5 rating with an audience of 18.5 million viewers.

The Ricky Gervais hosted show was down just over 5% in the demo from last year’s third consecutive effort by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Facing some very hard hitting NFL numbers from the overrun of the Packers vs. Redskins wildcard game on Fox in its first 15-minutes, viwershipwise the 2016 Golden Globes slipped 4% from last year. In both categories that is the worst the Globes has done since Gervais last hosted back in 2012. However, in the demo, the 2016 Globes is up 10% from the 2012 Globes.

1st UPDATE, 8:34 AM: The final numbers won’t be in for a bit, but if the fast affiliates are any indication, last night’s Golden Globes show was down from 2015. The non-time zone-adjusted numbers of a 4.7/13 rating among adults 18-40 and 15.458 million watching between 8 – 11 PM have the show down a hard 19% among adults 18-49 from the final numbers of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s last time as co-hosts in 2015. Early numbers to early numbers, the 2016 Globes are down 6% in the key demo. Overall, the Globes’ decline actually puts them at a 6-year low.

In fact, Ricky Gervais’ fourth time hosting the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hootenanny was his worst yet, down 6% from his last spell in 2012. Last night’s show also declined 13% in the demo from the first time The Office co-creator hosted back in 2010.Viewershipwise, the 73rd Annual Golden Globes fell 20% from last year. The Best Globes result since the show went live with a designated host back in 2010 is Fey and Poehler’s 2014 gig, which got a 6.5 rating and an audience of 20.9 million.

With a 4.1/12 rating and 13.94 million watching NBC was not the winner of Sunday’s 7-11 PM primetime. That victory went to Fox with its 5.8/16 rating and audience of 16.56 million. The big boost for Fox came from the more than an hour of NFL overrun from the big Green Bay Packers-Washington Redskins wildcard playoff game. In the 7 PM hour, that match-up, which the Packers handily won, drew a 10.7/31 rating with 33.05 million viewers. Self-evidently, the rest of Fox’s night is likely greatly inflated. NBC undoubtedly got tackled as the first 15-minutes or so of last night’s Globes faced the Packers vs Redskins game.

ABC had a new America’s Funniest Home Videos (0.8/2) on last night with Galavant (0.6/2) following. The second week of Season 2 of the musical comedy took a 33% dive from its January 3 premiere. With out NFL overruns on CBS, the 7 PM 60 Minutes (0.8/2) was down 71% from its 7:55 PM airing last week. Back from their winter break, Madam Secretary,The Good Wife and CSI: Cyber all got a 1.0/3 demo rating – down around a tenth from their last originals back in December.

PREVIOUS, 6.42 AM: The 73rd annual Golden Globes last night on NBC saw big wins for The Revenant, The Martian, Mr. Robot and Mozart In The Jungle and the caustic comedic return of Ricky Gervais for his fourth stint as host. It also saw a 13.0/20 result in metered market ratings for the three-hour show — the best a Gervais-fronted Globes has ever done.

The 8-11:06 PM show Sunday was basically steady with last year, with a 3% rise from what Tina Fey and Amy Poehler drew in their third consecutive turn co-hosting the Globes. To add more perspective, the 2015 Golden Globes were down about 9% (with markets in Denver and Albuquerque not reporting) from the stellar MM results of the 2014 ceremony. That ceremony had best the Globes had done since 2007 and the best by the Dick Clark Productions-produced show had done since a full-time host was introduced in 2010 with Gervais.

When the final numbers were in, the 2015 Golden Globes had a 5.8 rating among adults 18-49 with 19.3 million viewers. That was down 11% in the key demo from the 2014 show and 7% in total viewers.

Compared to the last time Gervais hosted the HFPA shindig back on January 15, 2012, last night’s Globes were up in MM results to the tune of about 11%. The 69th annual Golden Globe Awards ended up with a 5.0 rating among adults 18-49 and 19.677 million viewers.

We’ll update with more Golden Globes ratings later today as well as the results for other shows that were on last night like Galavant, Madam Secretary and Family Guy. Plus, of course, there’s the impact of the NFL’s Green Bay Packers-Washington Redskins wildcard playoff game that was on Fox in the late afternoon.

In metered market results, the Packers’ 35-18 win scored huge 23.6/38 result. While dipping 6% from last year’s Detroit Lions-Dallas Cowboys comparable game, yesterday’s Packers victory looks to be the top wildcard game of a busy weekend. With some spillover into primetime, it also looks pretty clear to give Fox the win for the night and could turn out to be the highest-rated and most-watched TV event since last year’s Super Bowl.

NBC’s NFL offering earlier Sunday saw the Seattle Seahawks eke out a close 10-9 win over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC playoffs. Up a very strong 25% from last year’s comparable game on CBS, the Seahawks-Vikings match-up drew a 22.5/44 in MM results — the best an early wildcard game has done since January 9, 1994.

    1. The same way The Martian is a “comedy”. I don’t think the ratings dropped bc of Gervais, I think it dropped bc the movies nominated were boring.

      1. No. It was Gervais. People don’t watch because of the movies, they watch – or don’t watch – because of the people.

        “Gervais” is French for ‘vulgar and without class or value’.

  1. They are blaming Ricky, but I felt Jonah Hill with the bear suit/bleeping/ inside joke that went on quite a while had people switching stations.

  2. I went to see a Star Wars. A movie that the Hollywood foreign press didn’t even wait for before announcing the nominees. Plus. Watching an awards show that put The Martian in a comedy category seems silly.

  3. Most of US viewers see todays performers as overpaid spoiled liberals who live in their sheltered Hollywood community and point the finger at those in the rest of the country who do not worship them. I watched only to see Gervais. They gave him to little time and too much time to the idiots who were presenters. No one care what the winners have to say. It’s always thanking numerous people no one has ever heard of. What a bore and believe me, I will not be watching the Academy Awards or any other awards shows that come along this year. Wish I’d tuned into Downton Abbey and DVR’d the award show and just watched the Grevais show instead.

    1. Ricky was robbed of airtime and announcing the next presenter opportunities. They did give him too little time. and the show did run over when local news was supposed to be starting, at least here in my area.

  4. Maybe people are tired of watching others live a charmed life. The entertainment industry seems to remind the public of that to what seems like every other week an awards show.

  5. Last time Gervais hosted, he was cowed…..coming after the time before, when he hammered the oh so sensitive audience.
    I almost didn’t watch….and would not’ve had I known that N effin’ BC was going to censor so much of it.
    Gervais did a pretty good job last night.

  6. Shocker. I’m sure the average viewer loves seeing millionaires get drunk and give each other gold statues. Opposed to watching NFL playoffs right?

    The GG’s and the Oscars by extension are so out of touch with the real world that it’s no wonder that NO ONE actually wants to be there.

    Dreaming of a day when there are no GG’s/Oscars ceremonies and the awards are just given online.

  7. Most of us with any semblance of an IQ do not watch these self-congratulatory, back-slapping narcissistic shows.

  8. Do ya think one of the glaring reasons was, there was an hour left of the packer game when this show started. Like ya, were going to watch Rickie and give the game up.
    The show when I joined it was horrid. Talk about plastic people. I mean bringing out two people to do jokes who are there to announce two people who will actually give out the award. This is inane. “I would like to announce the person who will annound another person who will finally spend 2 seconds reading who won.

  9. I watched 5 minutes of it and his accent was enough to turn me away, not to mention he wasn’t funny. Awards shows are all phony anyway.

  10. I thought what they didn’t beep out from Ricky was funny but I thought it was out of place at an awards show. Too bad it was the only thing going for the show as the rest was boring. He saved what viewership it did have despite the off color humor.

  11. No one wanted to hear from anyone – except Ricky and that was over in 5 min so you watched it and moved on. The only funny thing is they get upset when belittled which tells you how important they really think they are.

  12. Ricky Gervais and his gaggle of Hollywood buddies are now a small and growing smaller yet, disconnected clique of depraved lunatics. These circus clown parties, The Golden Globes in this case, are for THEM by THEM. No sane individual should care to take notice of what these debauched fools do…

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