DGA Awards Nominations: Iñárritu, McCarthy, McKay, Miller, Scott

The Directors Guild of America unveiled the five nominees for the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film. Last year’s DGA Awards winner Alejandro G. Iñárritu is back again this year with Fox’s The Revenant, which is coming off a big night at the Golden Globes on Sunday with a win for Best Picture Drama and Best Actor for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Also on the list: Ridley Scott for The Martian, also from Fox. It his his fourth DGA nomination but much like the Oscars, he has not won in the category before.

Rounding out the list are first-time DGA nominees Tom McCarthy for Spotlight, Adam McKay for The Big Short and George Miller for Mad Max: Fury Road, which continues to rev up momentum on the awards circuit, having also snagged a PGA Award nomination last week.

Winners will be announced at the 68th annual DGA Awards on February 6 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, with Jane Lynch serving as host. Here are today’s noms in the feature film and a new category this year, recognizing first-time feature film directors. That fivesome includes Alex Garland for his sci-fi hit Ex Machina, Joel Edgerton for his thriller The Gift and Laszlo Nemes for his Oscar foreign language front-runner Son Of Saul.


The Revenant
(20th Century Fox)

Unit Production Managers: Drew Locke, James W. Skotchdopole, Doug Jones
First Assistant Director: Scott Robertson
Second Assistant Directors: Megan M. Shank, Matthew Haggerty, Jeremy Marks
Unit Production Manager: Gabriela Vazquez (Argentina, California, and Montana Unit)
First Assistant Director: Adam Somner (Argentina, California, and Montana Unit)
Second Assistant Directors: Trevor R. Tavares, Jasmine Marie Alhambra (Argentina, California, and Montana Unit)
Second Second Assistant Directors: Brett Robinson, Kasia Trojak (Argentina, California, and Montana Unit)

(Open Road Films)

Unit Production Managers: D.J. Carson, Michael Bederman
First Assistant Director: Walter Gasparovic
Second Assistant Director: Penny Charter
Assistant Unit Production Manager: Danielle Blumstein (Boston Unit)
First Assistant Director: Christo Morse (Boston Unit)
Second Assistant Directors: Conte Matal, Kristina Mariko Peterson, Annie Tan, Andrea O’Connor (Boston Unit)
Second Second Assistant Directors: Phil Robinson, Mark Romanelli (Boston Unit)
Additional Second Assistant Director: Scooter Perrotta (Boston Unit)
Location Manager: Robert Striem

The Big Short
(Paramount Pictures)
Unit Production Manager: Louise Rosner
First Assistant Director: Matt Rebenkoff
Second Assistant Director: Amy Lauritsen
Second Second Assistant Director: Cali Pomés
Second Second Assistant Director: Josh Muzaffer (New York Unit)
Location Manager: Michael Kriaris

Mad Max: Fury Road
(Warner Bros.)
Unit Production Manager: Dean Hood
First Assistant Director: PJ Voeten
Second Assistant Directors: Samantha Smith, Wendy Croad, Chris O’Hara
Second Assistant Directors: Eddie Thorne (Syndey Unit), Emma Jamvold (Syndey Unit)
Second Second Assistant Directors: Danielle Blake (Syndey Unit), Joshua Watkins (Syndey Unit)

The Martian
(20th Century Fox)
Unit Production Managers: Francesca Cingolani, Miklós Tóth
First Assistant Director: Raymond Kirk
Second Assistant Directors: Sarah Hood, Bogi Móricz
Second Second Assistant Director: Nick Thomas


A Wolf at the Door
(Outsider Pictures)
Unit Production Manager: Clara Machado
First Assistant Director: Suzy Milstein
Second Assistant Director: Raquel Toledo

The Gift
(STX Entertainment)
Unit Production Manager: Luc Etienne
First Assistant Director: Michael J. Moore
Second Assistant Director: Matt Haggerty
Second Second Assistant Director: Dillon Neaman

Ex Machina
Unit Production Manager: Sara Desmond
First Assistant Director: Nick Heckstall‑Smith
Second Assistant Director: Ray Kenny

The Diary of a Teenage Girl
(Sony Pictures Classics)
Unit Production Manager: Molly Salz
First Assistant Director: Brian Benson
Second Assistant Director: Jerremy Stewart
Second Second Assistant Director: Alex Gilbert

Son of Saul
(Sony Pictures Classics)
Unit Production Manager: Gábor Szántó
First Assistant Director: István Kolos
Second Assistant Directors: Zoltán Gyovai, Edina Galgócz

Eligible directors for this award must have released his or her first feature-length film theatrically in Los Angeles or New York in 2015. Foreign films are eligible and the director does not need to be a DGA member.

  1. I have been in the business for a long time. Certainly, there are performances, production work and/or other filmmaking excellence
    which I have failed to see…but, this is, at best, a very rare experience.

    With that said, I cannot ,for the life of me ,understand all the praise and nominations for Mad Max. It is truly hard to believe this warranted Miller a DGA nomination over Spielberg, Tarantino or so many others. This truly baffles the mind. Yet, Mad Max seems to be admired and recognized by most all of the crafts with nominations.

    Talk about feeling like I am on the outside looking in…alone and wondering WTF?

    1. I can only attribute it to John Huston’s line as Noah Cross in Chinatown where he declares that anyone who lasts long enough becomes respectable.

  2. The Revenant now has the clearest path to Best Picture; although Oscar voters might still elect to reward George Miller or Ridley Scott with a consolation Oscar for career achievement. Granted, Scott and Miller may simply split the “consolation vote” and Gonzalez Inarritu will win his second in a row, a feat not accomplished since John Ford won for Grapes of Wrath and How Green Was My Valley.

  3. Birdman movie won last yr Oscar director, however, we didn’t really think it was great directing even though it had been exhaustively written about as a breakthrough and unusual filming technique.

    1. The ‘unusual timing technique’ you mention was first done in the Beatles’ video FREE AS A BIRD twenty years ago, a single take with a bird’s eye view.

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