How 'Carol' Star Cate Blanchett Wowed Todd Haynes & Rooney Mara On Set – Featurette

EXCLUSIVE: Whether she wanted it or not, Cate Blanchett found herself in a quandary early in the awards season when Oscar watchers were predicting she would be going up against herself in the Best Actress race with nominations for her elegant yet powerful work in The Weinstein Company’s Carol and her searing portrayal of Mary Mapes in Sony Pictures Classics Truth. Would she cancel herself out amongst voters?

Turns out, she doesn’t really have to worry anymore. While her work in Truth is stellar on so many levels, the film just hasn’t caught any traction and pretty much has been dropped from the Oscar conversation. Which leaves the spotlight on Blanchett for Carol, one of the most well-received films this awards season, especially amongst critics. To see why Blanchett deserves the attention, check out the exclusive featurette above, about her role in this beautifully produced adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt.

  1. Cate is just a tremendously, tremendously powerful actress. I’m in awe of her work in Carol and I’m in awe of her work in Truth as well. And by the way, I really think it’s hugely disapppointing how little recognition she took from major awards groups this year for her stellar work in Truth. I too thought it would be like one of those Kate Winslet (The Reader vs. Revolutionary Road), Marion Cotillard (Two Days, One Night vs. The Immigrant) cases where even there would be one film she’d get more recognized for from awards both performances would hit really well with major awards groups. Apparently, this is not the case since only her (brilliant none-the-less) work in Carol was preferred. The thing with her is her work really doesn’t need recognition from awards groups, it’s their loss if they fail to honor her jaw-dropping talent as much as they can, not Cate’s. Her astonishing career and her always astonishing work shines through every role and every film. I hope she could win her third Oscar with Carol, to say she deserves it is really an understatement. If she wins some major televised award in the way to The Oscars, watch out.

  2. I have always admired this stellar actress, but with this movie, Carol, she really has taking it to another level. It’s as if she drops her own self (in reality the witty, humours and intelligent Blanchett, can never be confused to be one of her characters) and really embodies the soul of the character. Apart from Meryl Streep, I can not think of another actress who has this quality! She is beyond amazing, and the charisma of this actress is like no other. It’s a shame that she is talking of taking a break in 2016, citing that people will get sick of seeing her face! I laugh, as I am sure that would never happen. I also wonder what is next for her, as Carol really has set the bar high, as she too acknowledged at the Palm Springs Film Festival recently. I hope she is able to bow out of the amazing 2015 she had and on to that break with that little golden man in hand! Fingers crossed.

  3. There will allways be great films concerning topics that give the opportunity for an actor to rightfully “scream” in his/her work (kidnappings, wars, rapes, deaths you name it!) but i never ever saw a fim that screams through silences and eyes (a new term must be invented eye f@@@@~!) making a marginalised group (that STILL endangers itself in MANY corners of the world with life penalties!) to be presented in SUCH a humanitarian way. Literarry it changed my percpective! This is why we humans invented Art right? I dont think its about Blanchetts beatty (we already know she is stunning, among other magnificent things, despite she is aging) it is not about Mara’s incretible work and honesty, of Haynes unbelievable cinematography, its not even about Nagy’s fundamental stone of the script, or the entire wonderfull cast of people, its about a direct line that makes THIS movie the first feminist movie in an anthropological sense that transcends macho reproduction of any kind broadening the perspectives of us humans alltogether. I Dont know if they will get an Oscar but after decades this will be a movie either to be celebrated in conferences, eother to be illegal bevause we are moving in deeply conservative times across the world. “That’s that!”

  4. oh and by the way GIVE HER THE OSCAR (along with Mara or larson in my opinion) she has been robbed many times and as this industry works who knows of she will have another shot in such a great part!!

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