'The Hateful Eight' & 'The Revenant' Leaked Online Ahead Of Christmas Release

Another awards season, another online leak of contending films. Among the latest victims of the piracy scourge are the Weinstein Company’s Quentin Tarantino epic The Hateful Eight and Fox’s Leonardo DiCaprio-Tom Hardy period drama The Revenant. TorrentFreak, which tracks news about copyright, piracy and firesharing, reported today that high-quality copies of both films have begun circulating around the web ahead of their Christmas Day theatrical bows.

The site said Hive-CM8, one of the groups behind the leaks, claims to have screeners for dozens of films and will upload them one by one in the coming days and weeks. “DVDScreener 1 of 40,” it quotes the group as saying. “Will do them all one after each other, started with the hottest title of this year, the rest will follow.” The group also has leaked such awards-season fodder as Joy, Steve Jobs and Legend.

The Weinstein Company and the MPAA declined comment; Deadline has not heard back from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or Fox.

Of course, web leaks of high-profile — if not necessarily Oscar-contending — films are nothing new. Last year, the federal government got involved after a digital copy of muscle-bound sequel The Expendables 3 was stolen ahead of its theatrical bow and Lionsgate sued a number of file-sharing sites. The Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement, aka ICE, got on the case after the distrib reached out to several law-enforcement agencies.

And The Hateful Eight was center stage of a huge web-leak controversy nearly two years ago when it was nothing more than a screenplay. Tarantino’s script was leaked online in January 2014, and the filmmaker threatened to shelve the project entirely. Gawker published the script a couple of days later, and Tarantino sued the site. He dropped the infringement suit a few months later.

  1. This is what happens when you raise two generations of thieves who think only suckers pay for movies and music.

    1. Yes, poor Hollywood. How will the ever recover? Movie theft is such a major problem. Worse than poverty and ISIS. When will the ever end. OH THE HUMANITY — damn these thieves !!

      1. You seem to be laboring under the delusion that everyone who works in Hollywood is a millionaire. The more money the industry loses, the fewer pictures get made and the less work there is for everybody. There are over 100,000 members of the Screen Actors Guild who do NOT earn a living from acting, and probably five times that many behind-the-scenes workers. So you can be snide and sarcastic all you want, but real people–lots of them–are being hurt very severely by piracy.

    2. Forget the screeners, the problem is that normal people don’t have time to go to the theaters any longer, so why not distribute the films via home on demand and have people pay for them. I would pay a lot more to see a film that is just released at home.

  2. This is sad. This will severely damage their box office receipts. A real shame. The thieves don’t even feel bad about stealing.

  3. they were so secretive with this film and then they go ahead and make screeners? stop with the screeners… how about that? send out invitations to see the movie instead. or free movie passes to local theaters. i’m sure they would donate a certain amount since everyone is in this together. i just dont get 1) the leakers who must love movies but want to hurt the people making the movies. and 2) the people who steal them online don’t care either and feel like it’s not stealing.

    1. You are obviously not in the business. No one who votes will go to screenings. SAG nominations always go to whoever sent out screeners. The same applies to other guilds and the Academy. They’re spoiled and forget the importance of the theatrical experience.

  4. Sorry, but the studios are to blame. They know screeners have a high probability of being leaked to the Internet and still continue to use them. And sending out screeners before the release date was just plain reckless.

  5. Tragedy. The passed around screeners have got to stop, many members get them and don’t give a crap who they lend them to or who they are passed around to- this in turn leads to a hit in the Los Angeles market on top of everything else. Screeners should be done away with entirely, really. Furthermore films should be experienced in a theatre not on a computer or 40″ television. Enough already!

  6. Hell too bad it wasn’t StarWars Shyster Disney deals..but hey as much as these studio’s have stolen, but could be in inside job Competition, the bosses are dirty as most bosses are.

  7. Studios will continue to send out screeners because SAG and Oscar voters are lazy and would never sit in a theater to watch them. They’ve tried digital distribution, but older voters (the majority, sadly) aren’t savvy enough to figure them out even though it’s not much more complicated than netflix. Until they figure out a way to bridge the gap, they leave themselves open to piracy.

    1. It’s not ALL SAG and Oscar voters who are “lazy” – many work long days on set 12-20 hour days and don’t have time to go to screenings. I once factored in the time it took me, located in the Valley to go to a screening with a Q and A on the Westside. Almost all screenings are on the Westside. With drive time – waiting in line time ( always about an hour wasted there ), the film and Q and A it was over 5 hours.

      To see 1 movie.

      The majority of screeners happen during the holidays as well – when people have actual lives.

      That ain’t lazy, it’s life.

  8. One of those receiving a screener doesn’t have a cop for a family member do they? #justasking

    1. If one of those receiving a screener goes by the name of “Quentin Tarantino” then your point is rendered moot.

  9. We will destroy planet earth if Force Awakens gets uploaded to any pirate site. We will be that angry and we have the weapon needed to blow up this or any other planet.

  10. This not only hurts the studios this hurts every member of every guild who receivers screeners. The assholes that did this could ruin this for everyone. Hope they are traced down and fined to the max.

    Over 220 thousand downloads and counting – so average ticket price of $10.00 – $15.00 that cost the studio $2,220,000.00 – $3,300,000.00 dollars. And that asshole that did this should be fined that!

    I have no tolerance for illegal downloads – you are ruining the business you long to be a part of.

    1. Your math is overly optimistic. Many people won’t pay to see these films in a theater they will pay $1 when they get to Red Box or wait until they are on cable as part of their monthly fee or on DVD for $2 or watch them for free on DVD when they are at their local library.

  11. this is what happens when people earn $7/hr and tickets cost $15. Whatever happened to the double feature, Hollywood??????


    have also has leaked dvd screeners online. i agree w/ those saying that just stop releasing dvd screeners. it’s that simple.

  13. wow. TH8 is the first one of these high profile screener leaks that i would ever consider paying to see.

  14. The Force Awakens is now on one of the popular sites. I won’t tell you where you’ll have to find it on your own. I watched five minutes it’s terrible quality from a hand-held camera in the audience and it’s the Spanish version the opening crawl is in Spanish. Better quality versions will pop up this week and there is no way Disney or any studio can stop this, the sites are located in foreign countries where US Copyright law is never enforced. The loss of revenue has to be factored in to all income projections it’s the price we now have to pay for the internet. You can make a lot of extra money from the promotional power of the web and you will also lose a small percentage. That’s just the new reality it’s the way things are now.

    1. The screener for Hobbit 3 was out last year two-three weeks after its release. It peaked at close to $1 billion in box office. Mark Wahlberg’s Lone Survivor also leaked before it went wide and still did good business. I don’t condone leakages, but they will always happen as long as screeners are submitted to voters. Best to just ignore the discovery and push on with a release as normal.

  15. Carol
    Straight Outta Compton
    The Peanuts Movie
    Steve Jobs
    The Hateful Eight
    In the Heart of the Sea

    These movies looks like not my taste anyway. I wouldn’t watch it even someone gave me $100 to see.

    I don’t like movies that are lesbian, gay, slow, romance, argument, drama or talking,

    I hate all Quentin Tarantino movies. I don’t like blood, gore, killing, and disgusting.

    Only movie I may love is The Revenant. I love scary grizzly, Native American, Lorenz Rifle, sword and knife fights.

    Concussion also.

    It’s better to not make this on news. Better not people know about this.

    I don’t like almost all 2015 movies. Specially these movies.
    Avengers: Age of Ultron
    Inside Out
    The Martian
    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2
    Furious 7
    The Good Dinosaur
    Bridge of Spies
    The Intern
    Sinister 2
    Magic Mike XXL
    Terminator Genisys

    I only like Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

    1. So you don’t like “blood, gore, killing, and disgusting,” but you’re looking forward to THE REVENANT? Boy, are you in for a surprise!

  16. Gotta love it when an industry, that is notorious for falsifying it’s profit reporting and never sharing it’s contractually promised back end profit participation, cries about pirates stealing from them. Who are the real thieves here?

  17. IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME…. OF THE YEAR!!!!! and I’m not talking about Christmas although, for some, Christmas came a little early

  18. If it didnt cost me 100 bucks to go and see a movie with my kid,id probably go to the theatre more often

  19. I would hope that anyone who has respect for law enforcement officers boycotts Tarantino and his work.

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