EXCLUSIVE: 20th Century Fox has acquired for mid-six against seven figures Ascension, a Shannon Triplett spec script that is taking shape as a potential film for Matthew Vaughn to direct and produce. It’s a big sci-fi action disaster tentpole that follows a scientist who must save the world after gravity is erased from the Earth’s atmosphere.

Sounds like a fastball down the plate for Vaughn, a franchise hatcher who is coming off Kingsman: The Secret Service and X-Men: First Class. He doesn’t have a deal, but I’ve heard that’s the next step and that he will produce and develop it.

UTA brokered the deal and repped Triplett, who was an associate producer on Legendary’s Godzilla and worked with Gareth Edwards before taking time off the write this script.

10 months
What if the loss of earth gravity only affected studio execs who have the power to greenlight...
10 months
Thank you for this. Best laugh I've had in awhile.
10 months
Didn't Relativity buy this pitch?