Kiefer Sutherland On Jack Bauer's Future: '24: Live Another Day' AwardsLine Screening

At Awardsline’s Thursday night Emmy screening of Fox miniseries 24: Live Another Day, Kiefer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer revealed that if he ever returned in another iteration of the TV series, it could possibly be in a cameo. But for now, he’s happy to see the franchise continue with fresh blood.

24 live another day screeningThe actor in a conversation with Deadline’s Dominic Patten asserted, “I’m not coming back to do 24 because there are other things I want to do. And when they said limited-series run, I meant it. But I’ve always felt, from Season 1 on, that 24 is such a great idea that this can go on forever. I think if you create a new cast or other characters in the telling of this story, it will bring a freshness. And let’s face it there’s only so many bad days one can have before the show becomes a mad comic. And what I don’t want it to be is a mad comic…it doesn’t rule out to one having a cameo.”

Joining Sutherland at last night’s Q&A were co-star Mary Lynn Rajskub, and executive producers Howard Gordon and Manny Coto.

But, wait a minute, didn’t 24: Live Another Day air last year? Right, however, the miniseries didn’t make the cut in terms of airing the minimum number of episodes to qualify for the 2014 Emmys, so it’s in the running this year. The series boasts a legacy value when it comes to TV’s top kudo: 24 has collected 20 Emmys during the course of its eight-season run as well as an outstanding drama series trophy and lead actor win for Sutherland in 2006.

The show which follows Bauer, a member of the counter terrorist unit who uncovers and unplugs diabolical threats, premiered two months after Sept. 11 and it has always factored and played off of big global conflicts.

Talking about the inspirations for 24: Live Another Day after being away from the show for four years, Coto said, “We took many months figuring out the first episode. There was a book that someone brought in (to the writers’ room) which shed light on the fact that there’s a real fear over drones being hijacked.” Also contributing to a quintessential jumping off point per Coto was “that we ended Season 8 with Jack Bauer as a fugitive. It was perfect. He could be anywhere. We could go to London. We liked the idea of opening the series with an Osama bin Laden-style raid, but instead of Osama, it’s Jack Bauer.”

Given the gap between the miniseries and the final episode of Season 8, Sutherland felt the pressure to also raise the stakes. “If this isn’t good or better, we’re in trouble,” he recalled. The key to Bauer’s progression during the series run was that each day contributed to his evolution. “The first day was always the baggage he carried to the second day,” said Sutherland about Bauer’s gravitas.

"24: Live Another Day" Deadline Emmy ScreeningThe episode which screened last night “10:00PM – 11:00AM” centered around Bauer’s takedown of Chinese terrorist Cheng Zhi. But he’s in a compromising position. As he moves in on Zhi, his former significant other Audrey, also the U.S. president’s daughter, becomes a target. It’s a riveting episode, full of intense, hair-raising action, however, it’s the dramatic tension, more than the bombs, where the thrills have always resided for 24.

Sutherland specifically refers to a scene in Season 1 where Bauer is holed up in a wood shed, holding an innocent woman hostage, so she won’t reveal where he’s hiding. Explained Sutherland, “In the scene, Jack starts falling asleep and tries to stay awake. That becomes the drama. Obviously, it became more fun to blow stuff up but there was real drama in that moment. It’s a touchstone scene that Howard Gordon and I always use as a reference.”

  1. I don’t see this working without Kiefer Sutherland. His unflagging committment and movie-star charisma took our eye off a lot of the writers’ weaknesses. I doubt I would have put up with the repetitious ideas and uninspired filler story lines if it wasn’t for Jack Bauer.

  2. Listen to me Jasmine kiefer sutherland would return next year they cannot without him because they shocked absolutely not go tell anyone and mr Cessar to stay and finish the job I promise 20 episode that is rules the time is running out right Jasmine

  3. It’s a shame that Kiefer doesn’t want to do it but absolutely understand his reasons. I’d still watch it! I don’t get that adrenaline rush from any other show. Hopefully, they’ll bring back Chloe though. And Belcheck would be great as well, he was awesome in LAD.

  4. Fine. Then guess what Kiefer?……..your cameo better amount to a full episode involving Jack getting out of the stupid Russian prison!! That ending for the character of Jack Bauer is utterly unacceptable

  5. This is outrageous everybody I’m angry he cannot return because I shocked Vera bring it kiefer sutherland now or I going to mad and 😠 angry. Did you agree Did you please right everybody right if you don’t I going to tell lawyer right now give kiefer sutherland chance and return 24 live another day now do it or else right everybody the clock is ticking please you promise if you don’t I going to scream and yell

  6. This is not end and this is not over everybody it’s just beginning for kiefer sutherland Jack Bauer is not utterly unacceptable he is great man ENS did you understand right everybody how dare you you been shame on shelf right everybody did you agree right

    1. I agree Kiefer Sutherland is 24. Without the lead character I would not watch the show. I also strongly object to the hero of the series being left in the custody of the Russians. Real life has too many sad endings, that is the last thing I want to see in a television series.

  7. I think y’all should know by now that every movie becomes a good movie due to how involved the leading character portrays. We love 24 not just because of the story, but also because of the leading character. No matter how good every actor is bringing in new character to replace the existing one changes the quality of it original concept. It is sad whether or not Kiefer can continue i think the movie should end with him so y’all can set up with a whole new story.
    Tell you what, using different characters in playing James Bond make me sick to my eyes. No wonder, transporter the series isn’t making enough hits like the original “Transporter” which Jason Statham played the leading roll no offense… I hope y’all can fine a way to end 24 with Jack Bauer in it simple.

  8. It’s is not sad for Jack Bauer on 24 Smith absolutely not right everybody right it’s is good and happy for kiefer sutherland this isn’t over yet no way it’s just beginning on 24 right everybody it’s is rules Smith maybe not I promise

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