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EMMYS: 'Jane The Virgin', 'Shameless' & 'Glee' Ruled Eligible To Run As Comedies

Never mind. Despite the recent rule revisions by the TV Academy, there won’t be a significant change in the makeup of the Emmy comedy field this year, with a number of hourlong dramedies competing alongside half-hour comedy series.

After adopting a new definitioshameless season 5 premieren for comedy series as a 30-minute program last month, the TV Academy left the door open for hourlong comedic shows to argue their case in a petition to an Industry Panel. The panel has made its first rulings, allowing Shameless, Jane The Virgin and Glee to be submitted as comedy series. A two-thirds vote of the panel was required to reach each decision. No word on the status of the other high-profile hourlong series whose switch to comedy alongside Shameless raised eyebrows last year, Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. Its petition is believed to still be pending.

Glee final season debut 2Fox’s Glee, now in its final season, has competed as comedy since its launch. Showtime’s Shameless was submitted as a drama for the first three seasons until moving to comedy with last year’s Emmy Awards. Both Orange and Shameless have done very well on the awards circuit since switching to comedy, as has the CW breakout Jane The Virgin.

Emmy statuettesEach of these three series will compete in the comedy category for best series and all other awards, including performer, writer, director, etc. Nominations for the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards will be announced the morning of Thursday, July 16.

  1. Only “Jane the Virgin” deserves to be ruled as comedy because it’s actually comedy. I can live with “Glee” in comedy but “Shameless” should be ruled drama. Now I expect to see “Orange” being ruled as comedy although this one is CLEARLY drama. Why even bother with new rules if you still do the same what you did last year? The new rules are absolutely useless because there’s still category fraud going on.

    1. comedy DOES NOT equal funny. the difference between comedy and drama is story structure and outcome. if the focus is family/community it IS a comedy. if the focus is death/deconstruction it is a drama. just because you are using an incorrect definition of those words doesn’t mean experts are somehow wrong.

  2. And this is why award shows are becoming just eh. Every network has one. It is becoming watered down. Just an excuse to dress up and plug stuff. The Emmys need a revamping. Tv is changing, so should the award shows.

    1. That would be the sensible and appropriate thing to do, hence why it will never happen. The absence of a dramedy category, since this is now a well established genre, makes the Emmy’s look out of touch with the contemporary TV landscape.

  3. So this “controversial” rule change was just a formality to appeal to the masses. Clearly networks will get what they want.

  4. Shameless is a DRAMA. The first season had comedic moments, but the past 2 seasons are full of HEAVY dramatic stories.

    1. Shameless is at its best when it’s a drama, the first year it changed categories was for season 4 which was almost entirely drama and absolutely magnificent. The switch to comedy, is designed to score Macy an Emmy, but makes it unlikely Rossum will ever get the recognition she deserves.

    2. I think Shameless is both! I agree that shows like Shameless should have their own category! Maybe then the show and all the talented people who make it the amazing work of art that it is would finally get the recognition they deserve!

  5. The third Manifesto concept specifies that, “Humanists … are dedicated to dealing with each person as having intrinsic worth and self-respect”.

  6. Whether Shameless is considered a comedy or drama, it’s the best show that’s ever been on tv! It makes me laugh and cry every episode! I hope it finally starts getting the recognition it deserves! I hope they walk away with all the awards!

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