César Awards: 'Timbuktu' Best Film; Kristen Stewart In Historic Supporting Actress Win

UPDATE, 4:50 PM PT: At nearly four hours, tonight’s César Awards ceremony was one of the longest I can remember, but oddly also one of the most entertaining. Host Edouard Baer kept things moving for the Canal Plus broadcast even if he started to sweat as things started to draw out. Nevertheless, the Césars are often full of surprises and this show was no different. Leading nominee Saint Laurent left with only one prize out of 10 while Oscar nominated Timbuktu swept seven of the eight categories in which it had a stake. Those included Best Film and Best Director for Abderrahmane Sissako who opted to stay in France tonight and miss tomorrow’s Foreign Film Symposium that Mark Johnson is holding with Oscar nominated directors in LA. Timbuktu is the first film submitted to the Oscars from Mauritania, but it’s also a French co-production which explains a lot of the love here tonight.

But there was also an American twist to the proceedings this evening as Kristen Stewart became the first American actress to win a César. She already had the distinction of being the first ever nominated as Best Supporting Actress. (Mezzo-soprano Julia Migenes was the only other U.S. actress ever nominated for a César – in her case for lead in 1984’s Carmen.) Stewart pulled off tonight’s win for Olivier Assayas’ Cannes pic Clouds Of Sils Maria starring Juliette Binoche whose assistant Stewart plays in the film.

Also making an appearance this evening was Sean Penn who was given an Honorary César. An emotional Marion Cotillard presented the actor/director with the trophy after he received a several-minute standing ovation inside Paris’ Théâtre du Châtelet. He spoke of his affinity for French film, saying, “We’re jaded about what we do back home,” but whenever he comes to France, the cinema is a sort of “ray of sunshine.”

Among other wins for the French equivalent of the Oscar tonight was Adèle Haenel as Best Actress for Thomas Cailley’s Cannes Directors’ Fortnight title Les Combattants which also scored Best Male Newcomer for Kevin Azaïs and Best Debut Feature. Box office smash La Famille Bélier took the Best Female Newcomer prize for Louane Emera. The Eric Lartigau-directed feelgood picture about an aspiring singer whose parents are deaf, had six nominations and has sold over 6M tickets since December 17. In the Foreign Film race, Xavier Dolan’s Canadian pic Mommy was the victor. That film shared the Cannes Jury Prize last May. Via a written message, the wunderkind director sent a special note to Cannes fest chief Thierry Frémaux thanking him for his confidence.

All winners are listed below:

Best Film
Timbuktu, dir: Abderrahmane Sissako

Best Actress
Adèle Haenel, Les Combattants

Best Adapted Screenplay
Cyril Gely, Volker Schlöndorff – Diplomatie

Best Actor
Pierre Niney, Yves Saint Laurent

Best Foreign Film
Mommy, dir Xavier Dolan

Best Director
Abderrahmane Sissako, Timbuktu

Best Supporting Actress
Kristen Stewart, Clouds Of Sils Maria

Best Short Film
La Femme De Rio, dirs: Emma Luchini, Nicolas Rey

Best Documentary
Salt Of The Earth, dirs: Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado

Best Editing
Nadia Ben Rachid, Timbuktu

Best Set Design
Thierry Flamand, La Belle Et La Bête

Best Original Screenplay
Abderrahmane Sissako, Kessen Tall – Timbuktu

Best Costumes
Anaïs Romand, Saint-Laurent

Best Newcomer (Male)
Kevin Azaïs, Les Combattants

Best Animated Film
Minuscule – La Vallée Des Fourmis Perdues, dirs: Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud

Best Animated Short
Les Petits Cailloux, dir: Chloé Mazlo

Best Score
Amine Bouhafa, Timbuktu

Best Supporting Actor
Reda Kateb, Hippocrate

Best Debut Feature
Les Combattants, dir: Thomas Cailley, prod: Pierre Guyard

Best Cinematography
Sofian El Fani, Timbuktu

Best Sound
Philippe Welsh, Roman Dymny, Thierry Delor – Timbuktu

Best Newcomer (Female)
Louane Emera, La Famille Bélier

  1. “Stewart is . . . already the first American ever nominated in the category.”

    This has to be the most depressing sentence I’ve heard all decade. What, no other American actress is – or has been – more worthy than Kristen Stewart? Ever? Really?

    1. She couldn’t even win one in her home country kinda pathedic actually lol who gives a shit about the French awards they all watch the Oscars lol

    2. She worked her butt off for years and did amazing in that movie. It’s about time she got recognition. And no this isn’t a Twilight psycho writing this.

        1. Alicia Cargill? No I am not. However I am a fan. CSM was a great movie and as I said Kristen Stewart did great in it. I’m happy for her. It’s amazing that she got the award and even cooler that it went to a female American. She made history and should be applauded not criticized.

      1. Physically worked her butt off…mmmaybe. But has she done any growing as an actress? Uh…no. She, in real life, is like her character in Still Alice. An actress who just wants to “act” and seems to have no interest in actually learning her craft or getting better at it. Her acting is top-layer-of-her-skin deep. She plays emotion rather than context and subtext and she completely lacks any charm or presence.

        Now I haven’t seen this movie but when you’re acting in front of Taylor Lautner, no one can tell that you suck but when you get cast against Julianne Moore or Juliette Binoche, it sure as sugar gonna show. Again, can’t judge this movie but in Still Alice (Not a great movie by any means) KS is stiff as a board… just like she is in the rest of her career.

    3. Kristen Stewart was nominated for her role in a FRENCH movie. When more US actors start acting in other FRENCH movies, they might get nominated for FRENCH awards and even win, just like Kristen Stewart just has.

    4. I totally agree! Karl Lagerfeld is soooooo behind this!!!! This girl is BEYOND one dimensional!!!! What a tragedy that she is the first and the least worthy.
      I use to think so much more of this organization. Sad. This is a horrible joke.

    5. It’s no wonder that people only takes Cannes seriously. It at least has a jury. Mega $ don’t count there. Chanel (Stewart has an ad campaign with them) are heavily influential In these awards. But I agree it’s embarrassing nonetheless.

    6. Because you had never seen Clouds of Sils Maria and yoy may not understand why she got awards.
      The fact is the fact you cannot change

    7. Ah LOL at all the Twi fans come to support this untalented actress.
      At least she brought attention for the Cezar? awards in american media. Maybe that was the whole point of her winning

  2. Don’t know why Kristen Stewart won, since basically she played herself. And when she accepted she was all eye-blinking, stuttering, gesturing left and right, exactly like in the movie. Chloe Grace Moretz deserved it much more, at least she was acting, playing a role who is not like herself. I guess the Césars academy rewarded her for flying to Paris specially for this ceremony.

  3. Uh, it’s not depressing — how often have American actresses (or actors for that matter) taken roles in French films?

    1. Her BATFA isn’t a real award, it was a fan-voted poll sponsored by the Orange phone company. Just like her popcorn awards from MTV and surfboards for the Teen Choice awards.

      Too bad she was snubbed by all the US groups that give out awards, SAG, Golden Globes, the Oscars and even the Independent Spirit awards. She doesn’t seem to be popular with her peers in the United States.

      1. While the Bafta rising star is fan voted, her nomination was not. As for the MTV, people’s choice etc awards that are mostly fan voted, i thought, according to you and the rest of your kind, everyone thinks She is a horrible actress, so why does she keep winning then? The fans spoke long ago and now the industry is catching up.
        By the way, maybe research how the cesar works before you open your “mouth”, the oscars is about wining, dining and campaigning, the cesars is not. I’m not sure how powerful you all think Karl Lagerfeld is, but i am pretty sure he cannot influence the thousands of voters in the French academy, JPG maybe but not Karl. NIce try though.
        I am curious to know how you haters will react when she gets an oscar nomination, i bet you’ll still find something to pick on.
        In the mean time, she’s still getting the jobs you were so sure she wouldn’t get, the critical and box office acclaim you thought she wouldn’t receive and you are what? stewing, simply stewing. And i end this with a 2 finger salute to all you haters.

  4. She’s the first American actress nominated in 30 years. I don’t think she’s undeserving, I’m just shocked that more American actresses don’t try to branch out by acting in French films. Kristen did a French film, she did a great job in Sils Maria, and she deserved the nod …and the win. I’m not particularly a big fan of hers, but I’m happy for her. That’s a nice accomplishment.

  5. Iam.happy.Kristen.stewart.won.she.worked.hard.I.support.Kristen.and.for.all.Kristen.heaters.take.that.to.the.bank

    1. There were two different films with the same subject: Yves Saint Laurent vs. Saint Laurent. They each won one but obvs. Best Actor is a much bigger deal. It was probably the most anticipated prize of the evening since two actors (Niney vs. Ulliel) were facing each other for playing ghe same iconic character.

  6. To all kristen haters, go somewhere else!ccongratulations Kristen! We are proud of you. You totally deserve it!

  7. You guys are pathetic. Go watch the movie or, at least, read some reviews instead of talking what you clearly don’t know. Congratulation Kristen, you deserved it. Juliette Binoche was amazing, a great movie overall.

  8. It is awesome Karma for her long time fans. Haters put so much stock in awards and she has just made history at 24:). She has no contemporaries she stands alone….A great day for long time fans of the fantastic Kristen Stewart. All the haters just look crazy…

  9. Incredible but I still find myself surprised with level of dumb of Americans.
    Congratulations Kristen Stewart you won with critics in Cannes and you won again tonight.

  10. Who else can spot the Robert Pattinson fans in this, and every other comments section in similar articles, who are butt hurt over Kristen Stewart’s win?

    1. I know it may be difficult for you to understand, but many people don’t like her and her acting and it has nothing to do with Pattinson. Of course there probably are some of his fans here, just like her fans are always in comment sections of articles that mention him, it’s not one-sided, it’s some embarrassing “fan war”, probably between very small but very loud parts of their fanbases. However, like it or not, many people are shocked that she received such an honor for playing again the same character, or actually playing herself. It’s bizarre that she is the same in every movie, doesn’t want to stretch herself, yet she is constantly praised by critics. Don’t get me wrong, she was very good in that movie, her best role, but it is mainly because she played herself, she perfected that. I find it a bit insulting that Stewart with little effort ‘makes history’, while there are actors with more range, who take more risks and do much more for a role and they wouldn’t have a chance to receive such an honor.

  11. Just can’t get over the speech. Rolled up in her hand. Not even properly rehearsed. Refusing to touch the award. The French actor wanted to beat her with it and the horrified scream at the end of her speech said it all. Lol. She’s a joke. Now Cesars are too.

  12. People – insiders, I guess – don’t give Kristen enough credit. Yes, the Twilight movies are teen fodder, and she plays a one note character, but that’s the way the character was written by Stephane Meyer. If you look at Kristen’s body of work, she’s actually become quite a good actress in my view. Her performance in Welcome To The Rileys was wonderful, and she was surrounded by unbelievable talent – James Gandofini and Melissa Leo – and still held her own. Likewise her younger role in Fierce People, one of the most unjustly overlooked movies of the past decade. She’s not perfect by any stretch, but she’s more than competent.

    1. lol, no. Welcome to the Rileys is Rotten on RT, a majority of critics thought it was awful, and so was her performance. She plays a sleazy stipper/hooker, and I heard she was so Method that she refused to shower or wash her hair for weeks, until it got so bad, Gandolfini finally told her to get cleaned up and just ACT, not try to live it.

      It doesn’t matter that she won an award, she’s not a great actress. She was playing herself in CoSM, she has no range and she can’t create a character. She’s gone about as far as she can, so she should really celebrate this. Too bad it won’t help her get beyond the indies she’s been forced to do since she isn’t being offered any big budget roles.

      1. It doesn’t matter to YOU that she won an award! It sure does matter to me and a lot of other folks. Kristen Stewart is a very impressive actress and WE look forward to seeing a lot more of her in the future! Now go back to whining.

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