While Brooklyn Nine-Nine landed an early third-season pickup today, there was no renewal news on fellow Fox comedy series New Girl and The Mindy Project. Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden told Deadline that she was hopeful about both shows. She said Fox executives are happy with New Girl and The Mindy Show‘s creative direction this season, noting that New Girl felt “reinvigorated” while The Mindy Project has built its midseason episode arc as an event. Freshman live-action comedy series, Mulaney, is dead.

mindy project s3 debutLooking forward to next fall, Walden said Fox execs would love to again have a two-hour comedy block on Tuesday but that is not a firm mandate in today’s environment where all networks are struggling to find strong half-hour performers. Fox could go with an one-hour leading into two comedy series.

For now, the network will likely stick with mixing live-action and animated comedies on Sunday, encouraged by the ratings growth of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season sandwiched between The Simpsons and Family Guy.

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Monday will likely remain masculine, with Minority Report, just picked up to pilot, among broad, genre-tinged candidates to join newly renewed Gotham. Fox brass would like to keep fellow renewed freshman drama Empire on Wednesday, possibly with a different unscripted lead-in, like MasterChef Jr. in the fall, before American Idol comes back.