Judd Apatow is weighing in on the controversy swirling around Sony’s The Interview. Last night, he tweeted: “I am not going to let a terrorist threat shut down freedom of speech. I am going to The Interview.” But today the filmmaker aimed his anger at theater owners:

He followed that up with three more missives, all sent before Sony officially pulled the plug on the film’s planned Christmas Day release:

Not long after, Jimmy Kimmel commented on Apatow’s tweet, saying that pulling the movie was “an un-American act of cowardice”:

2 years
This dude has so much anger in him. Go do yoga or some shit, man.
2 years
If Apatow feels this strongly about it he has the money and the pull to screen it....
billy kravitz (@wilkravitz)
2 years
Theater owners recalled horror of mass shootings in the past. That's why they backed out. Studio fears...

Awhile later, Apatow retweeted Steve Carell’s comment on the day’s events. Carell is feeling some personal sting after New Regency today scrapped a North Korea-set project the he was set to star in: