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Golden Globes Snubs: Sorry 'Modern Family', 'Walking Dead' & 'American Sniper'

Few mysteries perplex Hollywood like the endurance and the influence of the Golden Globes, yet year after year the less than 100 members of the secretive Hollywood Foreign Press Association dole out names and somewhere a phone rings, a text is sent and a heart glows a little brighter in the early LA morning with awards-season self-confidence. Then there are those who are harshly left out in the cold — like broadcast comedy, Boardwalk Empire and American Sniper were today for the 72nd annual Globes, which will be handed out January 11 on NBC with perma-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Here are a few of the snubs. I’m updating this list so anyone we missed?

The Walking Dead Let’s be clear, the AMC series is the most popular show on television, both cable and broadcast. The blockbuster zombie apocalypse series has beaten the mighty Sunday Night Football again and again this fall, but HFPA members from far-flung outlets around the world can’t find it in their hearts to throw a bone to the series based on the Robert Kirkman co-created comic? Afraid of catching something?

american sniper 2Bradley Cooper – The American Sniper lead was left out from yesterday’s SAG Awards noms and it looks like the target has been missed here again. In fact, the Clint Eastwood-helmed pic shot nothing but blanks with the Golden Globes today. Is this politics or performance?

Julia Roberts The Normal Heart beats strong in this year’s Globes noms, but not for the HBO movie’s somewhat well-known female lead. Again, we all know HFPA likes to get the stars out to their shindig, so snubbing an Oscar winner and one of the last movie stars is not a winning strategy.

Lisa Kudrow – The widely ahead of its time satire The Comeback is back on HBO after a nearly 10-year absence and the former Friends star and Globes nominee gets no mention at all? Poor Valerie Cherish.

unbroken 2Unbroken Endurance may be the key to the Angelina Jolie-directed World War II tale of Olympic runner and POW Louis Zamperini, but the Christmas Day release didn’t even get on the track with the Globes this year. That means, star-chasing HFPA, you likely won’t be getting Angie in the house next month.

The Americans Last year this FX series about KGB moles in the Reagan-era U.S. was snubbed for its debut season. With Emmy noms and an AFI Award, a strong second season and standout performances by stars Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys, this second miss isn’t an mere snub now – it’s a slap in the face.

Maggie Smith – The rapier wit of the Dowager Countess of Grantham has sliced through many an award season for Downton Abbey and has garnered Smith a previous nomination. However, with nothing for one of the greatest actress’ alive, the HFPA’s affair with posh porn might be over.

Broadcast Comedy – No Big Bang Theory? No Modern Family? Yes, cable and streaming drama has ruled the TY BURRELL, JULIE BOWENawards roost for a while, but The Big 4 still has funny in them for that Best Comedy category. Again, I say it, no Modern Family? A Globes winner in 2010 for Best TV Series – Musical Or Comedy, the ABC series has been nominated the past three years in a row and yet nothing today — no joke.

Interstellar One Best Original Score nugget does not an epic deserve – especially not one directed by Christopher Nolan.

Boardwalk Empire Back in 2011, the HBO show and star Steve Buscemi cleaned up with duel Golden Globe wins. In 2012 and 2013, the Prohibition Era series from Terrance Winter garnered noms. But now, having ended its fifth and final season in late October, Boardwalk Empire came up as dry as a teetotaler. And that from the HFPA — people like a drink or two.

Amy Poehler – The Parks And Recreation star won last year in the Best Actress in a TV Series – Musical Or Comedy category after being nominated before. And she’s co-hosting the show again and yet nada this morning. Awkward? Yes. Monologue material? Totally.

James Nesbitt –  Yes, The Missing got a nom but the tortured soul of the Starz series is Nesbitt, and the former Globe nominee deserved recognition as much as his co-star Frances O’Connor, who did rightly receive a nomination.

Entertainment Weekly: Women Who Kick Ass Panel And Presentation  - Comic-Con International 2014Tatiana Maslany – Well that was short-lived. After being shamefully overlooked for ages in awardsland, the Orphan Black lead got some respect with a Globes nom last year and a SAG Award nom yesterday. Push the clock ahead about 24 hours and it’s the same old same old with her name nowhere to be found on today’s list. Maybe if they added another clone for her to play on the BBC America show?

Mad Men After big wins in 2007, 2008 and 2009, the iconic Matt Weiner-created series is now again denied. There’s still a chance that the upcoming Part 2 of Mad Men’s seventh and final season could bare awards fruit down the line, but for this year – no one was buying what these ad men were selling.

Timothy Spall – Let me get this straight, the veteran thespian who won Best Actor at Cannes this year for his turn as the great British painter in Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner was left empty-handed except for his brushes by the HFPA?

Top Five Chris Rock’s hard truths not very amusing to you HFPA?

SOA FinaleSons Of Anarchy Here’s the thing, the Globes were the only ones to give the just-concluded Kurt Sutter series any awards respect when Katey Segal took home a Best Actress TV Drama win in 2011. Three days after nomination ballots had to be received by Ernst & Young and two days after SOA took its final ride with a record-breaking finale on FX, looks like HFPA doesn’t want the show to be part of its gang.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine A freshman last year, this Fox show won last year with Best TV Series – Musical Or Comedy and Best Actor – TV Series, Musical Or Comedy for Andy Samberg. So much for legacy. Then again, Fox got nothing at all so maybe Nine-Nine should take it personally.

Marion Cotillard – Two Days, One Night was in competition in Cannes, is Belgium’s Oscar submission and yet the former Globes and Academy Award winner got no nominations and no mention today? Was something lost in translation?

    1. Interstellar deserves nominations only for music. And it should win because score is breathtaking. And for special effects. Maybe some sound editing or technical things like that. It does not deserve best pictures or director.

      Angeline should have release her movie earlier. In November at least. She can only blame herself. No screeners would help. She only started promoting it like 2 weeks ago.

      1. What are you talking about? Jolie started promoting this film looooong before anyone. Six months ago, maybe longer . Feel free to google her first interviews about it. No one shilled harder than she did for a film that turned out to be very mediocre.

        And she’s still shilling. The ad that ran on my iPhone before this article was a “For your consideration ” Unbroken ad.

  1. Say what you will about the HFPA but I do like that they don’t constantly nominate the same things over and over like the Emmys. Let them celebrate smaller shows like Jane the Virgin and Transparent because we know they’re not going to get their time under the sun at the Emmys!

  2. Considering the lack of viewers for Comeback, it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. The best news is the lack of nominations for Modern Family. The show has been coasting on its past laurels for years, and finally people are starting to take notice.

    1. But Globes did nominate Matt Le Blanc for Episodes few times. And no one cares about that show. They could have nominate Kudrow. Maybe they just forgot that Comeback exists since no one is talking about it and it doesn’t have many viewers.

      It’s shame. Because Comeback is really funny. And Lisa is amazing in it.

  3. Can you say policy correct? Eastwood has been blacklisted by the rest of Hollywood ever since he made fun of Obama with the empty chair bit at the GOP convention.

      1. By your logic then “Rosewater” should have been a runaway, or at least given one nom, which it wasn’t. Sometimes people, regardless of their political flag, make movies that do not deserve noms.

      2. The blacklisted director who had two films released in 2014? The blacklisted director who had American Sniper rushed into the release schedule by his studio as part of an awards ambush story? The blacklisted director who has films out literally every year?

        1. Considering that it’s been almost a decade since his last Oscar nomination the idea that he’s being blacklisted is ludicrous. He had two films out this year.

    1. Blacklisted? He’s in a production company with Steven Spielberg – Malpaso Productions. Liberals like Morgan Freeman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn and Tim Robbins all slash their fees just to work with him. Why are you pulling untrue facts out of your tucus, pard’ner? Bored? Or just stupid?

    1. American Sniper’s dismissal is appalling. Here’s a powerful, moving, well crafted and resonant tale about an American hero and they just ignore it! OK, it is the Golden Globes and therefore a bit of a joke, but even so…

      I just hope Academy voters are more in tune with Eastwood’s superb movie.

      1. A movie that predictably does a giant cop out on its subject. It deserved to get snubbed. There is true complexity and ambiguity and irony in the ultimate fate of Chris Kyle, but this movie avoids it and only mentions it in a few scrolled sentences at the end of the movie. If they had shown what really happened to Kyle, it would’ve raised some important questions for discussion that both sides of the political spectrum could have had a lot to say about, regarding guns and what war does to men and what that damage can make those men do once they come back. I’m being vague for the sake of people who don’t know what happened between Kyle and two of his fellow soldiers from that war once they were back on American soil. Instead, it sounds like they just turned him into a straight white hat John Wayne-type war hero. This is, after all, a guy who drew a bead on hundreds of people from a distance and killed them. That doesn’t create a few ambivalent feelings?

  4. Modern Family is not a particularly good show anymore. Its characters are all walking snarky pun generators who sound the same. I’m happy they’re making room for fresher shows.

  5. Spall would’ve been nice as would Cooper, who is amazing in an otherwise mediocre film. But “Big Bang Theory?!” Surely you jest.

  6. What are the Golden Globe Awards? No, that’s the wrong question. Who cares what the Golden Globe Awards are for?

  7. I like that the article seems to be chastising the HFPA for not doing the very thing they’re always criticized for doing – nominating unworthy performances just so big stars show up to the broadcast.

  8. Anyone who still watches every episode of Modern Family would not suggest a snub. It’s a shadow of it’s former self, never really jumping the shark with a huge misfire, rather just a general decrease in quality from the seasons 1&2 high points. It’s just boring, trite and so determined to have a tidy “theme” it forces it’s characters into whatever role it needs du jour. it’s decline was so gradual one almost didn’t notice. orphan, otoh, went from “holy crap what’s going on” season one to a generally misfired season 2. (But hopes are high for these nice-guy show runners, whom seem genuine in their commitment to the show and fans.)

  9. Wow nothing expect music for Interstellar, thought for sure it would get nominated best picture and director.

  10. I think we have to look in reverse here for a moment. Everyone has their snubs to gripe about, but which ones would you take off? I mean, if you want Bradley Cooper for Best Actor in a Drama, who comes off the list? Personally I think they got it pretty much right, if not predictable. It’s always tough to single out five nominees. IN terms of broadcast comedy, is that non an oxymoron. Big Bang is an OK traditional comedy, but it doesn’t take place in the real world like a Transparent or Orange is the New Black. Congrats to all the nominees.

  11. some late releases are getting snubbed big time….so hopefully the Academy will be more kinder to these films that SAG and the Globes ignored…one big peeve…Jennifer Aniston!!???… over Marion Coutillard, Hilary Swank and Shailene Woodley….. it’s just “Rachel” screaming in pain…not a stretch….must be a weak year for Best Actress race…

    1. @frank rodriguez
      agree totally. they figure they want big names at the awards, not the best. Although I feel that this is anniston’s best performance, it’s not in the category of Reese, Hillary or Marion.

    2. You are so f*cking right about this one! Jennifer Aniston over Marion?! WTF…. I just hope the Oscars don’t repeat this mistake…

  12. Keri Russel winning for Felicity in it’s first year helped her star power, the show, and the network survive. It’s nice that the same thing may happen for The CW, with Gina’s “Virgin” show.

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