There’s word tonight that the Burbank studio will offer buyouts to some workers in an effort to boost profit in the wake of Rupert Murdoch’s withdrawn takeover bid. Citing inside sources, Bloomberg reports that Warner Bros might pink-slip employees if not enough staffers accept the buyouts. The cutbacks are expected to affect the film, TV and home entertainment units and will go beyond personnel. Warner Bros reps contacted by Deadline declined comment. The news comes a week-plus after corporate sibling Turner Broadcasting unveiled a buyout package for about 600 of its eligible employees.

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Jose Acevedo
2 years
'Time' for TimeWarner to negotiate a merger with CBS & Mr. Moonves to avert a full-blown Murdoch...
2 years
The promise to the share holders was that the management team had a strategy to create value...
Richard Steele
2 years
Yes, the rich and powerful need more....and more..and more..