From deep within the Santa Monica Mountains they come — and they’re pissed. Syfy, the channel that brought you Image (3) syfy1__130821213410.jpg for post 721977Sharknado, Ghost Shark and so much other Emmy bait, is unleashing Lavalantula next summer. The original telepic sees a defenseless Los Angeles under attack by a swarm of — wait for it — giant lava-breathing tarantulas that roast their quarry alive! Adding to the mayhem is a reunion of three key cast members from the Police Academy canon: Steve Guttenberg — starring as a washed-up ’90s action hero who must save us — Leslie Easterbrook and Michael Winslow. Can they save the City of Angels from the eight-legged volcano spawn?? Nia Peeples co-stars in the movie, which has begun production for a summer 2015 premiere. Lavalantula certainly has some mega-arachnid cred behind the camera: It will be directed by Big Ass Spiders helmer Mike Mendez.



2 years
I agree. Tarantulas have better personalities than the botox-weilding matrons of hollywood LOL
2 years
The Sci-Fi Channel was already the most disappointing network in the history of cable - it only...
Mick Oberlin
2 years
Any connection with the director of Sharknado? Just curious.