The Horse’s Mouth is an ongoing feature with a collection of head-scratching comments and crazy conversations we’ve had with people across the industry that made us laugh. We thought we’d share them with you.

Hasbro-2014-SDCC-Jabba-set_detail-photo1_Fotor“I find it hard to believe that a bunch of 35 year-olds who make their own costumes and stand in line for hours to get a picture with Jabba the Hut would show poor judgement.” — Deadline commenter on Comic-Con crowd jumping on deaf man’s car and punching the windshield near the end of the ZombieWalk.


11 months
YES!!!! please get confirmation from the publicist from now on. How else will know if the story...
11 months
Love the security guard's response. ;)
11 months
LOL'ed at that last one

Chris Pratt“Why is everyone yelling for Chris Rat? Who is he?” — Overheard at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere.


PUBLICIST: I’m going to put out a statement soon that says “No comment.”
REPORTER: Okay, but … you realize that you just told me that the company has no comment.
PUBLICIST: No, I didn’t say that. You’re going to have to wait for the statement.
REPORTER: You mean the ‘no comment’ statement?


11_-_Hurri.._Briens“The state sport is drinking. In New Orleans, there’s alcohol on every set.” — Overheard from a producer talking about filming in Louisiana.


REPORTER: I thought you said this project didn’t exist.
STUDIO EXEC: Did I tell you that?
REPORTER: Yes, remember I told you it was one of my favorite movies and asked if it were getting remade and you said no?
STUDIO EXEC: Well, I kicked it to the curb.
REPORTER: But it says it’s active.
STUDIO EXEC: Well, it might not get made.
REPORTER: Right, but you told me the project didn’t even exist.
STUDIO EXEC: Well, it might not exist.
REPORTER: But … you said … you know what? Never mind.
STUDIO EXEC: Okay, okay, I owe you one.


xin_53100115164078900872REPORTER: Were there any security problems on the lot associated with this (PGA Produced By) conference?
SECURITY GUARD: “No, everything’s running smoothly.” (pause) “But you’d get the same answer if there was a problem.”


PUBLICIST: Why didn’t you call me?
REPORTER: Because I already had four sources on this story.
PUBLICIST: But nothing is supposed to be posted on your site until the publicist clears it.
REPORTER: Well, with four sources, I know it’s not a conspiracy.
PUBLICIST: But it’s premature.
REPORTER: So, you’re saying it’s inaccurate?
PUBLICIST: It’s premature.
REPORTER: So, it’s accurate.
PUBLICIST: I’m never going to work with you again.


confused1SOURCE: Yes he did. He stepped down and picked up a new franchise.
REPORTER: You mean, he’s gone?
SOURCE: What? No.
REPORTER: You just said he stepped down.
SOURCE: Stepped down to the plate.
REPORTER: You mean he ‘stepped up to the plate’ and acquired rights to a new franchise?
SOURCE: Oh, is it stepped up to the plate?