EMMYS: Sarah Silverman On Pot, Nudity & Nazis

When it comes to being outspoken, Sarah Silverman never shies away from it, especially tonight after collecting an Emmy for writing on her HBO variety special We Are Miracle. The timing of her backstage appearance was tough as it came after she, along with everyone else, watched the tribute to Robin Williams on the telecast. When asked about her stoned look on the red carpet, Silverman defended herself, “I was carrying pot in my purse for later. It’s legal! I like to have a puff as a treat at appropriate times.”

Silverman was then asked what her celebratory Emmy meal would be, to which she responded, “Really, guys, I’m not high” before disclosing a pothead’s munchies delight, “I like to have a nice 7-11 meal or peanut butter and jelly on toast.” Silverman also was asked about her recurring role on Showtime’s Masters Of Sex, in which she had a nude scene. “Suddenly since I turned 40, I’m doing a lot of nudity,” she said. “They’re just boobs. Hey, yeah, they’re as low as they’ve been, but they’re as high as they’ll ever be.”

Talking about how she landed the role on Masters, Silverman  revealed that the character had been conceived with her in mind. “F**king the star solidified it,” she added, referring to her boyfriend, Masters Of Sex male lead Michael Sheen. Excusing herself a bit for being blue, Silverman said, “We just had the Robin Williams tribute. I feel weird.”

When asked by one reporter what her mother would think of her being barefoot at the Emmys as a Jewish woman, Silverman unloaded one more zinger, saying, “My Jewish mom wears overalls and two different socks. But don’t tell anyone: The shoes are by Geppetto and I remember that, because not only is he the guy who made Pinocchio, but he also designed shoes during the Nazi war effort.”

  1. Is it just me or does this lady have no class? Maybe you have to be in the business, but she seems pathetic to me. I wonder if Jimmy Kimmel , after being married and having a new baby, looks at her fondly or is a little bit sad for her. Sh e has a cute boyfriend, for sure, but Sheen’s ex wife is Kate Beckinsdale, who is class personified.

    1. I agree Judy. I couldn’t believe she was nominated for that crap comedy special and then she wins. Wow!

    2. Why is it the only people I ever hear referring to “class” are the folks who seem to have so little of it?

      Judy, maybe you could publish a guide so we could figure out which celebrities are classy — like Kate Beckinsale, who did all those classy vampire-fighting-werewolves movies — and who is “pathetic.”

    1. Probably because she won a writing Emmy. For comedy. Say what you like, but the Emmy voters think she’s funny and so do I.

  2. She is funny. Your conservatism is poisoning your minds, commenters. You think man-show Kimmel has class compared to her?? That show is clearly anathema to class

  3. What are you people talking about?!?! Sarah Silverman is the bestest, most hilarious person on television! I laughed just reading this recap. Love her!!

  4. Keep in mind that the people who think Sara Silverman is funny are the same ones who find Modern Family hysterical and the best comedy on TV — for five years running. Nice boobs though.

    1. Wrong again! I love Sarah Silverman and I’ve never even seen Modern Family! I love Louie, too. If you don’t think that’s funny either, then I cannot help you.

  5. So glad to know that the role on Masters of Sex was written with her in mind. Was news to me and the room full of 15 other girls who came in to audition for it. This is why actresses end up hating everybody and turn out cold and weird like Sharon Stone.

    I mean…is it really so hard to just offer it to her if it’s who they want? Why is the obligatory crushing of a dozen hopes so necessary in this town?

    1. It’s probably a legal thing. Like, a company has to interview people even though they already have someone in mind.

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