The studio’s dual moves today position one star vehicle for a midsummer run in 2015 and another for a higher awards-season and holiday profile this year. Sony has pushed the Adam Sandler starrer Pixels from May 25 to July 24, putting the space-invaders pic in the heart of next summer. Meanwhile, the World War II drama Fury, starring Brad Pitt, sees its released date pushed up about a month to October 17.

In Chris ColumbusPixels, which Sony initially had dated in April, 8-bit aliens invade Earth after misinterpreting video feeds of classic arcade games as a threat. The president (Kevin James) calls on his childhood friend (Sandler), an arcade champ-turned-home theater installer, to help save the planet. Pixels now will battle Fox’s horror redo of Poltergeist and the Universal comedy Trainwreck on its new date.

Writer-director David Ayer‘s Fury, in which Pitt leads a five-man tank crew on an outnumbered and outgunned mission behind enemy lines in 1945, moves into a crowded weekend that includes Fox’s toon The Book Of Life, Universal’s monster mash Dracula Untold, Relativity’s romancer The Best Of Me and Open Road’s crime drama Nightcrawler.

12 months
You lost me at "The President (Kevin James)"
12 months
looking forward to seeing Ayer's Fury - script is excellent and the cast is topnotch
Bob the builder
12 months
I'm already not particularly interested to see an Adam Sandler sci-fi pic. Three words - Direct-to-video.

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