EMMYS: Kathy Bates Pays Tribute To Robin Williams, Talks Career Resurgence

Kathy Bates said she was too flustered onstage to remember to speak these words — but backstage her voice quavered as she said she wished she had dedicated her Emmy to Robin Williams. She said, “I mostly wanted to say: ‘Look, I won this time. This one’s for you.”

The actress explained that the line would have referred to the several times that Williams had been gracious to her at awards ceremonies. In the days before cell phones, she recalled winning a Golden Globe Award and waiting in line to use a pay phone to call her mother to tell her of the win. “I realized I didn’t have a quarter. … Robin said, ‘Here’s a quarter to call your mother,”’ Bates recalled. “I never forgot that kindness.”

A late bloomer when it comes to the Emmys — Bates won her first in 2012 for guest actress in a comedy series for Two And A Half Men — she waxed emotional talking about how TV has reinvigorated the career of an actress of a certain age. She said she felt “gutted” when Harry’s Law went off the air. “Does it mean I’m too old?” she wondered. “I’m thrilled that there is now so much wonderful television. It means a future for those of us who have worked on our craft for so many years.”

  1. I still remember Kathy’s fine work on Harry’s Law. She actually got nominated for that show after it was cancelled. Fortunately she’s been able to stay active with American Horror Story now winning an Emmy for that show.

  2. Geez…what kind of world would this be if Kathy Bates couldn’t get steady work (at any age!)? Give this woman another show already!

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