Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dodges Short Emmy Speech Limits With Long Video

Pivot announced this morning it had nabbed its first Emmy, for HitRecord On TV, which is created, hosted, and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The show will receive an Interactive Media Emmy Award for Social TV Experience this Saturday at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Last year, the TV Academy imposed a 45-second time limit on Creative Arts winners to travel to the stage and give their acceptance speech. This morning, Gordon-Levitt dodged any possibility of running afoul of that limit: he posted a thank-you video online that clocked in at more than 2 minutes:

  1. Is this a competitive Emmy ?
    Don’t see where this was nominated.
    He has some powerful agents.
    Well done.

    1. @avidfilmgal:
      A new show like this on a fledgling cable channel like Pivot stands no chance in the nominated Emmy main categories, because these award shows are driven by massive exposure and massive ad campaigns. If Gordon-Levitt wanted to, he could’ve taken his show to a bigger player, a bigger network. And there WERE other networks interested in his show.

      But he didn’t. He liked Pivot’s “double bottom line” philosophy of making a social impact and not just a financial one, he liked that they were open to working around the legal complications of a global online production, and he liked that they were willing to pay contributing artists upfront rather than wait to split profits down the line as per the traditional TV pay model. Respect to him, it’s been for the benefit of the hitRECord artists and contributors.

      And if you’ve seen the show, I think it’s hard to deny it’s a truly innovative and inspiring creation and model.

  2. Smart move. The 45 second time limit was embarrassing last year, with people tripping and falling as they ran from the back rows to get to the stage in time to say their thank yous. It was a huge black eye for the Academy. Especially given how much time they wasted with tasteless gag moments like having Triumph the insult dog present. I was glad to see many of the Television Academy governors in an uproar about that last year. Hopefully it is fixed this year.

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