One of the lingering questions when Yahoo acquired rights to revive NBC’s Community was how the 13-episode season would roll out. Today we know: Episodes will be made available weekly, it was announced during its Comic-Con panel. That plan is in contrast to rival Netflix’s binge model, in which entire seasons of a series are made available at once. Which way would you prefer it?

As for when to expect Season 6, the only hint so far is that it won’t come before Christmas 2014.

Creator Dan Harmon quipped during the panel that everyone will be watching the show the way they always did — “except now legally.” Joel McHale joined Harmon on the panel that included producer Chris McKenna, Jim Rash, Gillian Jacobs and writer Dino Stamatopoulos.

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personally just because a show is aired a whole season at one time doesn't mean you have...
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Good! This binge culture is obnoxious and worthless... it robs tv shows not especially designed with binging...
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There are merits to both systems, on something that is heavily serialized (like house of cards or...