bertinoEXCLUSIVE: MGM has set The Strangers writer-director Bryan Bertino to script Abe, the feature based on the chilling short film by British writer/director/VFX artist Rob McLellan. McLellan will make his feature directing debut based on the short about a robot serial killer, and Kevin Misher and Steve Tzirlin will produce it. McLellan wrote the first draft, but the intention always was to bring in a genre heavyweight, and now they’ve got one in Bertino.

When I originally broke the story about MGM acquiring the project, I noted that it is a short that sets your teeth on edge but makes you curious about where McLellan will take it from there. (Watch the film below.) Jonathan Glickman and Cassidy Lange will oversee for MGM, and Andy Berman and Kevin Chang will oversee for Misher Films, which produced Carrie for MGM and Screen Gems and is prepping a reboot of The Crow for Relativity. Bertino, who made his feature debut on the hit The Strangers, most recently wrapped writing/directing Mockingbird for Universal and Blumhouse. The scribe is repped by UTA and Jason Sloane. Here’s a refresher on that Abe short:

ABE from Rob McLellan on Vimeo.

2 years
Cool concept, way too much monologuing to the part of the robot. And The Strangers was worse...
Warner Borg
2 years
Sometimes you can just tell when a project is never going to go and will forever spin...
2 years
THE STRANGERS was not amazing. Look at the Rotten Tomatoes score. Dude is not a writer. Let's...