Negotiations for a new SAG-AFTRA film and television contract are coming down to the wire. The union’s current contract expires midnight Monday night, and neither side will say whether they are close to a deal. The contract generates more than $1 billion annually for the union’s members.

If a deal isn’t reached by then, the union and management’s Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers can extend the contract until an agreement is reached. If the two sides reach an impasse, it could take as long as a month for the union to conduct a strike authorization vote among its 165,000 members.

The contract talks, which began May 5, have been conducted under a so-called “press blackout.” The AMPTP has been keeping the studios and networks apprised of any progress, or lack thereof. The only ones who don’t know what’s going on are the union’s members.

2 years
Ligon is a sellout with no regard for the union. How is that unified merger smelling Tom?...
Gary James
2 years
The MERGER ZOMBIES are the ones responsible for the mess the union is in .... i urge...
not surprised
2 years
perhaps if Sag had not spent so much time trying to wrangle the managers into trying to...