enlisted1ABC and Fox tied (1.0/3) for the ratings lead on Sunday — ABC’s fifth first-place finish of the past six Sundays and besting NBC (0.9/3) by 11% and CBS (0.6/2) by 67%. ABC’s special Sunday The Bachelorette tied Fox’s returning Cosmos originals (as well as Fox’s Family Guy rerun) for first place in the demo with a 1.3/4, though for Bachelorette it was a 19% week-to-week decline and represented a series low, while Cosmos posted an 18% gain from its most recent telecast (22% in the younger 18-34 demo).

Enlisted, however, may be the night’s biggest news. Fox is burning off episodes of the canceled comedy and, late last week, creator Kevin Biegel asked fans to recruit more viewers to these final four episodes, suggesting it might him land the comedy at another network. Sunday’s episode clocked a 0.4/2 — even with its most recent telecast in the demo.

NBC’s Believe (0.9/3) jumped 29% week-to-week, and Crisis (0.8/3) climbed 14% compared to previous week —  and, in total viewers Believe is up 43% (4.183 million vs. 2.925 million) and Crisis up 32% (3.864 million  vs. 2.937 million). Those gains are skewed, however, owing to the previous week being a three-day holiday weekend. Meanwhile, the network’s 9 PM rerun of America’s Got Talent (0.9/3) hit an 11-week high period high for NBC.

CBS newsmag 60 Minutes finished 31% shy of its most recent original in the demo, but it was the network’s best number of the night.

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Here's the thing: Kevin Reilly obviously wasn't a fan of Enlisted. Which sucks, because if seems like...
Jay Stevenson
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"the whole point of the scientific method is to investigate and form conclusions for oneself" no, no...
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FOX gave Enlisted ZERO chance to do well! Terrible time slot and hardly did squat to promote...