'NCIS', 'Modern Family' Most Watched Series In The World & Other Monte-Carlo TV Awards

NCIS MAY 13 SEASON FINALEThe U.S. and the rest of the world are in complete agreement this time, with NCIS, the most watched drama series in America, named the most watched drama series in the world for the past year at the 54th Monte-Carlo TV Festival. This is the first time as worldwide No.1 for the veteran drama. It extends CBS procedurals’ staggering dominance in the category, winning eight of the nine years the award has been around with CSI (five times), CSI: Miami (two times) and The Mentalist, with Fox’s medical drama House as the only other US drama to make the cut. Winner on the comedy side was ABC’s Modern Family, succeeding last year’s most popular half-hour, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen was named best comedy actress. Showtime/BBC’s Episodes won best European comedy series, while Norway’s Lilyhammer, which became Netflix’s first original series, won best international comedy series and best comedy actor, Steven Van Zandt. Israel’s Hostages, which was remade by CBS this past season, won best drama series and best drama actress (Ayelet Zurer). Another drama with an U.S. remake, Sweden’s The Bridge, got best European drama and best drama actor (Kim Bodnia).

  1. Last year NCIS was the most watched drama series in the world? then congratulations to Season 10, the season of TIVA, which was truly great, unlike season 11.

  2. I too enjoy NCIS, in the same way I enjoy Ambien. Great way to fall asleep without any side effects.

  3. The W O W FACTOR heard around the world- MODERN FAMILY, the world’s most popular comedy!!!! It’s fun to be POP-u-lar!

  4. I have watched all the shows mentioned above except for Modern Family.Its’ ratings are up there. I don’t find it funny at all but I am just one opinion. What I picked out of the article is that if they have a global presence and there are awards to consider, why was there so much controversy over the renewal of The Mentalist? It’s always been a good ratings drama, a bit eccentric, (which attracts me), and has been consistently good even when the network fiddled around with the scheduling. Behave yourself, CBS. I have to give CBS credit; they will try out series that other networks won’t.
    All In The Family was a prime example of testing the waters. ABC as well with Roots and Lost. Of course Lucy and Desi had to finance their own show because CBS didn’t believe it would work just like NBC wouldn’t take a chance on Mr.Spock’s pointed ears. The public said, OK, we’ll give it a shot.

  5. The article clearly says “the past year”, which would be S11. Nice try, but life, and NCIS, has gone on since Ziva chose to leave the team. Congrats to the entire cast and crew of NCIS for the fabulous recent season.

    1. Well, 2013 was the past year in the world and they just started watching Season 11 this year in various countries. So, yes, Cote de Pablo did contribute for the Season 10 episodes she appeared in that aired all around the world in 2013, and for the episodes that aired in the USA last year, along with the 1st two episodes of Season 11, then Emily Wickersham appeared in 3 episodes in 2013 in the USA. Emily’s episodes are now airing in the world this year, 2014.

  6. I wonder exactly how a TV series can be named, at the Monte Carlo TV Festival, the “Most Watched in the world”? How does it even work?

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