Matthew McConaughey To Receive 2014 American Cinematheque Award

86th Annual Academy Awards - Press RoomMatthew McConaughey this year won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club and is a frontrunner for an Emmy nom for HBO’s True Detective. Now he has another honor on the way: today he was named the recipient of its 28th American Cinematheque Award. The benefit gala is set for October 21 at the Beverly Hilton. He follows last year’s honoree Jerry Bruckheimer, the first producer so honored by the nonprofit group, which said McConaughey was a unanimous choice for the honor. That means another one of those patented McConaughey Speeches he perfected during the last awards season, like this one after his Golden Globes win:

  1. Yeah, another one of those patented McConaughey Speeches all about how he is in love with himself more than anything else. He really comes across as very narcissistic (more than most actors).

    1. An actor who is NOT a narcissist? Can’t think of any. At least he’s honest.

      If you had his looks, his money and his talent, you’d be in love with yourself too.

  2. Matthew McConaughey is far too young to receive this award. Plus , acting-wise he has only , recently, getting into the swing of things .

  3. Wow. Perception and projection are everything.

    I watched this and saw a very talented guy who seems like a barrel of fun to be around and loves his wife, family, and the work he does.

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