John Oliver FCC comments graphicHBO’s Last Week Tonight host John Oliver this morning told CBS This Morning that he did not not crash the FCC‘s website when his show did its “deep dive” story about the FCC and net neutrality last Sunday. “We didn’t crash their web site, Charlie — that’s a huge accusation,” Oliver told Charlie Rose after Rose reported that Oliver’s show had just that. “We merely pointed people to their website and told them why they should be angry about it, and they went in droves.” Watch here:

John Oliver Explains Net Neutrality: Video
DeadlineNow Morning Report: John Oliver Vs. FCC (Video)

2 years
Another way to address the FCC- Internet issues at hand.
2 years
I like his new hair style but the angle of the still picture Deadline chose to use...
2 years
I dont think you guys get that he cant say he did he might get in trouble...