DeadlineNow: All The Drama Is In Emmy Best Drama Race (Video)

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Emmy Campaigning Heats Up

The inclusion of HBO's 'True Detective' into the Best Drama Series race has ratcheted up the tension in the category -- especially for fellow high-profile hopefuls like AMC's 'Breaking Bad' and 'Mad Men'. Deadline Awards Columnist Pete Hammond and Dominic Patten discuss.

  1. Mad Men definitely won’t get it. The love affair is over, and this time last year I would have said BB was the show to beat…but that was before True Detective. Kind of a dick move, although understandable, to put it in drama series contention, because it is going to sweep.

  2. If BREAKING BAD doesn’t win, something is seriously wrong with the television academy. That is not to say that there aren’t other incredible shows out there as well, but BREAKING BAD’s final season was perfection.

  3. I didn’t even think True Detective was that great as an 8 episode miniseries. I really hope GOT, Breaking Bad, or Mad Men win.

  4. Can’t forget HANNIBAL as a possible dark horse. Talk about a network show behaving like a cable show. The best writing and directing of any show on TV.

  5. True Detective is insanely overrated. It’s pompous. Slow. Arty farty. Gratuitous nudity and violence against women. And the scripts lean on pretentious dialogue and a mystery that makes no sense. Can’t be compared to Breaking Bad. If it wins, the emperor has no clothes.

  6. I like Breaking Bad but it’s a bummer about these split seasons. By the time the Emmys air, it will have been finished for well over a year. I would venture to guess a lot of the people that voted for it last year had the second half season in mind, which was far superior to the first.

  7. Breaking Bad doesn’t belong in the running this year. It should have been content with the loving, trophy-filled farewell the industry gave it at all of last year’s awards shows. Most of the Part 2 season ran during the summer, so it’s being judged on, what, its last three episodes? The show has been over for a year and it has nothing left to prove. Taking awards away from other deserving shows this year in an already crowsded category is greedy.

    1. No, it’s being judged for the whole season, since the eligibility period goes from 1st of July 2013 to 30th June 2014 (Breaking Bad 5B premiered on the 11th of August).

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