DeadlineNow: Who Are The Emmy Dark Horses? (Video)

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Deadline's Awards Columnist and Dominic Patten break down what series might surprise this year, from FX's 'The Americans' to HBO's 'Clear History' and Showtime's 'Ray Donovan' -- and even CBS' 'The Big Bang Theory'. Is this the year TV's biggest comedy finally gets some Emmy love?

  1. Tried, but couldn’t get into The Americans-hard to root for a brutal, murdering Communist spy as your lead. And while Jon Voight may be good in Ray Donovan, no one was asked to do more, emotionally and physically, than Scott Wilson in The Walking Dead, especially at that age. He absolutely deserves to be nominated in the supporting actor category. As for Big Bang, I have yet to even see a promo that is remotely funny. Much preferred Community for my nerd comedy needs.

  2. I’m currently watching the first season of The Americans and it’s fantastic. I would love it to get in. I’d love for Justified to get some love but that probably won’t happen. :( Surely, Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins should get in for best actor and supporting actor in a drama series. But they keep snubbing it.

  3. The Americans is my favourite drama, so yes it deserves nods. I also think The Good Wife deserves more noms than it will likely get, especially for sustaining the quality of its scripts and performances over a 22 episode marathon. Finally, while I am not normally a fan of laugh tracks, I have always admired the week to week humour of TBBT. Like a good toaster, I can depend on enjoying almost every episode, and only a bit of a snob factor keeps it from the ultimate prize. While Modern Family rallied toward season end, I think it was often forced and seldomly unfunny. No soup for you this year, MF.

  4. Watched Clear History just because you mentioned it. Geez, the worst meaningless crap I’ve seen in years. Should only be considered for the Razzie awards. Anyone thinking this needs to be considered for an Emmy needs to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

  5. In my opinion TNT’s Major Crimes deserves a nomination for Best Ensemble and Mary McDonnell deserves a nomination for Best Lead Actress.
    All of the cast is wonderful and needs recognition.
    Unfortunately the disgusting fare that is being put on TV is what is getting the Emmy attention. Great shows like Major Crimes, which by the way, was #2 on the Top 25 Cable Shows for the week of June 9, 2014, get no attention!

    Something is wrong with the Emmy nomination system when this happens!

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