41st Daytime Emmy Awards Final: Big Night For 'Young and Restless' With Best Drama, Much More

Sixth Update: 6:45 pm: It’s done, with The Young and the Restless the night’s big winner, scooping up the big one, for outstanding drama series, along with five others, for “Special-Class Special” (an hour-long tribute to the late Jeanne Cooper, who appeared on the show for four decades); lead actor in a drama (Billy Miller); younger actress in a drama (Hunter King); supporting actress in a drama (Amelia Henle); and writing team, drama. Separately, Venice the Series, won for best drama – new approaches, while Days of Our Lives picked up for supporting actor (Eric Martsolf); younger actror (Chandler Massey) ; and lead actress (Eileen Davidson).

Daytime Emmy Awards 2014Notable win in the daytime drama categories went to One Life to Live, which ended up online after its long run on broadcast TV ended. The show won for directing team, drama, one of six Emmys that One Life and All My Children, another broadcast veteran that ended up online, won this weekend (the creative categories, mostly for technical-side achievements, were handed out Friday).

It was also a very good night for Steve Harvey, who won for best game show host for Family Feud, and his Steve Harvey syndicated show for best talk show, informative. On top of that, Harvey was vacationing in Bali, rather than sitting in a hotel ballroom in a tuxedo on a beautiful summer day.

Three Spanish-language categories were included for the first time, including winners for Morning Program (Un Nuevo Dia); Entertainment Program (Clix) and Daytime Talent (Rodner Figueroa, one of four nominated from El Gordo Y La Flaca). Here’s the full list in order:

Eric Martsolf, Days of Our Lives

Amelia Heinle, The Young and the Restless

The Mind of a Chef

Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction

The People’s Court

Steve Harvey, Family Feud

TIE: Dr. Mehmet Oz, The Dr. Oz Show and Katie Couric, Katie

The Young and the Restless

One Life to Live

Hunter King Daytime EmmyYOUNGER ACTRESS, DRAMA
Hunter King, The Young and the Restless

Chandler Massey, Days of Our Lives

Steve Harvey

Rodner Figueroa, El Gordo Y La Flaca

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Good Morning America

Un Nuevo Dia


The Young and the Restless: The Jeanne Cooper Tribute


TIE: Entertainment Tonight and Extra

The Young and the Restless Daytime Emmys 2LEAD ACTOR, DRAMA
Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless

Eileen Davidson, Days of Our Lives

Venice The Series

The Young and the Restless

Linda Bell Blue Daytime EmmysFifth Update: 6:30 pm: Phew, that was exhausting. Linda Bell Blue, the 19-year executive producer of Entertainment Tonight, brought along a multi-page thank-you speech, a young assistant to help wrangle her speech and, well, let’s just call it a profligate sense of the audience’s patience. And that was for ET’s tie, the second such of the night, with Extra for outstanding entertainment news program. Blue decided to make up for too many past shrugs by the Academy, but thanked, among others, “the 36 bosses I’ve had over the past 19 years,” and CBS chief Les Moonves, the show’s original star, Mary Hart, and her successor Nancy O’Dell. By contrast, Extra’s Mario Lopez took longer to walk up to the stage than to give his thanks. The audience seemed thankful for that small blessing. And given the X-rated advice that Sharon Osbourne launched into after the ET/Extra win as she prepared to present the next awards, it’s safe to say the show is painting the town Blue, not Red.

Meanwhile, the big acting categories in daytime drama, best actor and actress, went to Billy Miller of The Young and The Restless (another win for the show, the night’s biggest hardware haul so far) and Eileen Davidson of Days of Our Lives. 

Fourth Update: 6:02 PM: A good night so far for Steve Harvey. He grabs Emmys for outstanding game show host, his Steve Harvey wins for outstanding talk show – informative, and he’s hanging out in Bali on vacation instead of in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton. Win-win-win, as they like to say. The Ellen Degeneres Show picked up the win for Outstanding Talk Show – Entertainment.

Third Update: 5:50 PM: “We’re making history! Oh god — shit! Guys, I’m sorry if my nipples fall out.”

Kathy Griffin Daytime Emmy hostAnd so, the Daytime Emmy Awards tonight boldly stepped into the new era of web-only livestreaming, from the Beverly Hilton hotel.

The historic opener was delivered as the handoff to host Kathy Griffin, by one of the webcast’s Red-Carpet Who Are You Wearing Vocal Fryers. Some awkward minutes of delay and lack of mic-ing later, during which Griffin could be heard faintly in the distance saying something like, “Welcome to the shit show…this is your night…” Griffin began her monologue “for real” – as in, we could see and hear her.

“Some guy named Maliki was doing an interview, and said, ‘Kathy Griffin would be my dream host.’ And I said, ‘For no money – I’m there!’” Griffin said, on the news, if not within the universe of the daytime soap crowd.

Griffin called the show the Hidden Gem of the Emmys – her one feint at middle-of-the-road respectability. She spent the balance of her opening schtick talking about her experience at last year’s HLN telecast Daytime Emmy Awards ceremony during which she was seated at a table with Bethenny Frankel, who desperately wanted to leave, Dr. Drew (“So, no black tar heroine for me!”) and Kris Jenner – “I been calling her daughters whores in my act for years!” Jenner, Griffin claimed, had left the bedside of her daughter, who had just given birth to North West, “to come to the freakin’ Daytime Emmys” and kept posing for photographers with vodka shots. “I didn’t know there were side deals you could make with booze companies,” Griffin said, sadly.

By Griffin’s account, the highlight of last year’s ceremony happened when Dr. Drew and Dr. Oz were recruited to help some “soap starlet that had lost Hottest Star of Tomorrow” who got so wasted in the public stalls she could not get up. “I still don’t know who that was,” she insisted. “My only hope is tonight will equal that!”

Second Update 5:40 PM: Mario Lopez had the slightly challenging position of introducing both best game show host and best talk show host, which ended in a tie, and had none of the three in the room to accept the award. On the game show side, a long-time associate of winner Steve Harvey who accepted the award on his behalf said in a gracious speech that Harvey was vacationing in Bali because he didn’t believe he would win. On the talk show side, Katie Couric (Katietied with Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz). 

First Update 5:32 PM: The night’s first winners include Bobby Flay for Best Culinary Chef, and The Mind of a Chef for Best Culinary Program. Amelia Heinle  of The Young and The Restless scooped up best supporting actress in a drama, and Eric Martsolf of Days of Our Lives have won for best supporting actor in a drama. Acceptance speeches are longer, and Kathy Griffin gets to go a little bluer, but with no ads, this show moves along (puff, puff).

The fate of the Daytime Emmy Awards rests on Kathy Griffin‘s (no doubt surgically enhanced) shoulders tonight. In this age of rush and hurry, it is possible some few of you out there are unaware of the plight of the once mighty Daytime Emmy Awards: A trophy show that once averaged 20-some million viewers —  back in its Will Susan Lucci Ever Win One era —  has since fallen on hard ratings times and, after years of clinching last-minute broadcast deals with the CW, CBS and HLN,  failed to secure a telecast home for the first time in many years. On June 5, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the ceremony would be live-streamed, followed by an announcement Griffin had been signed to host Sunday’s 41st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, at the Beverly Hilton ballroom. Deadline will have the live-stream and keep an eye out for key winners (see the video at the link on the full story. It plays automatically).

Griffin is what is known in the industry as trophy-show tritonal (i.e., can blow up at any minute). Accepting her 2007 Primetime Emmy for best reality program (for her Bravo reality series My Life On The D-List), she jolted members of the media who were taking their annual Covering The Daytime Emmys nap, when she noted a lot of people coming up on stage were thanking Jesus for their win, adding, “I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus,” adding,  “Suck it, Jesus — this award is my god now!” For an encore, she said, backstage after the win, “I hope I offended some people. I didn’t want to win the Emmy for nothing.”

Image (2) kathygriffin__140127074539-275x216.png for post 671689Fans of Griffin’s work know she paints on a larger canvas than just trophy shows — having also given CNN’s Decency Police the vapors every New Year’s Eve for the past several years, and, in 2010, knotting some knickers with the filming of her hotel poolside Pap smeardone, she saidto raise awareness about cervical cancer.

“I am beyond thrilled to be hosting what I’m told is the most important television event of the year,” Griffin said when NATAS issued its alert that Griffin would be hosting, out of reach of the FCC, not to mention other defenders of Common Decency and some group calling itself Miracle Theater that had taken out a full-page ad back in 2007 to deconstruct Griffin’s Emmy acceptance speech.  “I can only hope that at the end of the evening, critics and fans alike will compare it to the experience they once had watching Neil Armstrong take man’s first step on the moon,” Griffin added, of tonight’s Daytime Emmy-hosting gig. “My only regret is knowing that this epic evening will distract millions of viewers from enjoying this year’s World Cup. I apologize to FIFA.”

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    1. The red carpet women where the worst of any I have ever seen. I couldn’t watch and I really wanted to see the actresses and their beautiful clothes but just couldn’t.

      1. The Red Carpet was embarrassing. Those girls were total morons. They actually asked a black actor what it was like to be a “black actor” on a soap. It’s 2014! When they found out that his love interest was caught with another man they asked if he was also black. When they found out he wasn’t, they said I guess once you go black I you can go back. I’m not kidding, this happened.

      2. Why wasn’t it on tv? I’ve watched the yr since the 70s I wanted to see the tribute to Jennie Cooper , very disappointed

    2. YES! The red carpet people were absolutely the worst imaginable. They could have hired 4, headless mannequins and had better interviews. The Soup should have plenty of video this week, from the Red Carpet coverage alone.

  1. the worst show in history…….I don’t believe you all DISS General Hospital like that. Young and the Tired Less.. They not even all that. Just have a dam show just giving them all awards. You didn’t need any other soap to show up. You all do this same mess every year…. Please……

  2. Hope there are adequate EMS technicans standing by for all the broken arms. Such injuries occurs during nauseating bouts of patting selves on the back. It is assumed “barf bags” are generously distributed.

  3. Is it me or did the ET table give the stink eye to Linda Bell Blue? That face lift is harsh

    1. I agree agree about the language. It was like they were all there to make fun of daytime television and its audience.

    2. I don’t think they will miss you. Since there were no sponsors this year, nobody made any money by telecasting the awards. It was done as a favor to you. The Academy spent money to have the show streamed live online. Don’t like the language; don’t watch.

  4. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!! First, the Daytime Emmys weren’t advertised at all! I had to find out about the live stream a few days ago after I completed a thorough search of my cable search guide. Then, because I’d forgotten about it (cable usually records everything that’s a one time thing, like the Tony awards and I can watch it when I go to my recorded shows), I only remembered it at about 9:30 pm tonight. I log on, and it’s a LIVE FEED! So, I pause it to put my paralyzed mom to bed, thinking I can at least watch the last of it. Well, imagine my disgust when I come back, and the live feed is over, and it doesn’t matter if you pause it! This is total B.S.! At the very least, if they don’t give two craps about the daytime shows, then just have the Emmy award show, and combine the daytime and night time one and just run the entire show longer. WTF, daytime media people? Are you a bunch of a-holes?

  5. The daytime emmys sucked…..people that won did not even show up for this pitiful show…get a channel or i will never watch again…the new catagories were stupid…because of it being on- line….the wrong programs won this year….i felt sorry for the people that presented… It took forever for people to get to the stagevand mistakes were madde about who was there or not…this sucked big tome…get a network or just stop!!!

  6. After watching the soaps for 40 years and looking forward to the daytime emmy awards on TV I think all tv staTIONS SHOULD BE ASHAMED NOT TO PUT THIS SHOW ON lIVE TV.They make plenty of money from their sponsers but do not consider the consumer

    1. Linda, the Academy was having a hard time trying to make deals with TV networks to air the show. Not only that but the fact that there aren’t that much daytime soaps left on the air anymore was also a factor in not putting it on TV this year. If there’s practically no competition like there was back then, there really was no point in broadcasting it. And besides there were reports mentioning every last detail I mentioned to you. How about doing some research before going on bashing the networks?

      1. Typical lame excuse given by someone with an anti-soap agenda. NATAS’ only REAL job is to make sure an awards show about television is actually ON television. Heads MUST roll over this…

  7. After watching for over 40 years this was just the worsed of the worsed. Consumers who watch soaps expect and rightfully so a show to show the awards on live tv. Sponsers make enough money and tv stations should be ashamed of themselves for not putting this show on live tv. They are very happy when they get their hefty paychecks aren’t they. Shame on all of you. And Kathy Griffin and Mrs, O—absolutely discusting.

  8. I am upset that I was not able to see the daytime emmys. I feel the same way with all money these stations get, they couldn’t let us see them on TV. I look forward to them every year.

  9. What a big disappointment. They should be ashamed. I look forward to the Daytime Emmys every year.

    1. I agree, what a disappointment. CBS you should be ashamed of yourself. Multi-million dollar corporation and you do this to your viewers. Shame on you….

  10. I am Very disappointed that the daytime emmys were not on Live TV. Everytime I tried to watch on line it said processig or try again later. I have watched the emmys since I was a little girl & looked forrward to them every year. I love supporting my shows & sharing in the excitement to cheer when they win. Someone needs to listen to all the Viewers!!!!!!

  11. Worst daytime Emmy show ever. I cant even remember who won it was so bad. I can see why the networks didn’t air it. This seem like a two hour event making fun of daytime television and its audience and a contest between Kathy, Sharon and that lady w/glasses from Y & R to see who could use the “F” word the most. I cant believe that lady referred to her daughter as her “F”ing daughter. I wonder if there an celebrities who agree and have the guts to say so if they do? I wonder if there an celebrities who agree and have the guts to say so if they do?
    Wait a minute maybe this was roast of daytime television and not an award show.

    1. As the “f”ing daughter in question, I am thrilled that she won and it was a joke in the context of Kathy Griffin. I’m totally cool with it. Just in case you were wondering. :)

  12. Hunter King SHOULD NOT have won that emmy for Young Actress as Eileen Davidson should not have won for Lead actress. The whole ceremony just stunk and Kathy Griffin is disgusting, why in the WORLD did they choose her to host the show ?!!

    1. The fact that Hunter King has won an award the likes of Heather Tom did for so many years is shameful. She is nowhere near her level or a level to receive an award. Sympathy vote for sure.

  13. Days of our Lives should have won best soap! They just did not have all the publicity about backstage sexual perversions and the fallout of those alleged incidents.

  14. Glad Eric Marstoff won but Jason Thompson should have won for lead actor. The guy is fabulous and has done some heart wrenching work this year (and last year too). Seems like a popularity contest like Dancing with the Stars has become.

    1. Jason Thompson deserved to win but, the show is so bad now and RC is not liked in the industry or with viewers so that did in his chances of winning.

  15. ill say hunter king do not belong on tv need to continue acting classes young and the restless has not won in years in not for billy miller and micheal muhney its realy no exciteing story line nw may be letting doug go give us a break he is one of those tah make the show

    1. Personally I think Extra should have won the whole thing rather than it be a tie. ET has become so shallow with their reporting ever since Linda Bell Blue became EP. Extra, at least to me, is a little less shallow with the way they report. ET should have won those Outstanding Informational Series Emmys they were up for in the 80s. At least at that time it was high class quality stuff. Great detailed info about the world of actual entertainment. Now it’s just one bit of celebrity gossip after the other. It may be what wins ratings but for the most part, it’s just half-assing everything and sacrificing quality for quantity.

  16. This year’s Daytime Emmys are very indicative of the state of affairs with soaps in general. There wasn’t enough interest to get a broadcast home for the show and there are so few daytime dramas that it only makes sense. I wish someone would restart Soapnet and they could show events like this. Hard to believe that even E!, We or OWN wouldn’t have worked. Even one of the 3 nets with daytime shows could have broadcast it on a Saturday night.

    I hope ABC paid attention to the outcome. It really shows the sad state of affairs at General Hospital. They desperately need a new show runner and the entire show needs an overhaul. RC needs to go yesterday while the show still has a chance of survival. GH didn’t deserve any Emmys except for maybe Jason Thompson…given how bad the rest of the show is…he didn’t stand a chance.

    1. Have you even paid attention to GH’s ratings lately? It’s obvious that many fans disagree with you. Some GH fans need to just sit down and shut up…

  17. I didn’t watch the Emmys because of Kathy Griffin. I flip the channel on tv when she appears. If there is a repeat, I still wont watch it. Get some REAL entertainment. and now after reading comments, I am happy I didn’t watch!! online, they curse and just say and do anything they want to. I always have enjoyed the Daytime Emmys. But I wasn’t the audience tonight!! Wasn’t about to let my ears be filled with filth.

  18. How is it possible General Hospital cast didn’t win anything???? Was this the Young and The Restless Emmys?? They should rename it. Totally biased if you ask me. GH had an outstanding year.

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