“It certainly feels good to win as decisively as we did,” CBS chief Les Moonves told Bloomberg Television’s Trish Regan in a victory lap after the Supreme Court sided with broadcasters’ challenge against Aereo. The case “wasn’t about technology. It was about theft,” he says. Consumers will benefit from broadcasters’ ability to continue paying for entertainment, sports, and news. CBS expects to collect $2B in retransmission fees in 2020. “And all that’s important here is that broadcasters and cable content companies and everyone who’s involved with the content producing business gets paid appropriately for their content. And that somebody can’t come and take that content, charge for it, and not pay us back for that content. So it’s a very good day for our future.”

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Why are so many posters on this site ill informed morons? Computer nerds need to crawl back...
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Funniest thing I've heard Les say in awhile (and he's had some doozies). Few doubted that the...
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All broadcast television should be eliminated and that spectrum should be auctioned off to mobile cell phone...