EMMYS: Raising The Mast On Starz's 'Black Sails' (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: How many pirate TV shows do you know of in the history of the medium? For Starz CEO Chris Albrecht, the lives of buccaneers repped a whole new world with Black Sails.  “I have been making TV shows for decades and I don’t think I ever heard a pirate pitch. I heard four at the same time. I knew that Michael Bay was working on one and then it walked in (the door),” exclaimed Albrecht at Saturday’s Produced By Conference.  Looking to ride a wave, NBC decided to dip their toes in the genre recently with Friday’s Crossbones starring John MalkovichStill, no threat to Starz.  “We may not have John Malkovich, but we’re spending more money, I’ve seen the scripts, I know what it takes (for this genre), and if you want to watch a TV show, ours is going to be better,” added Albrecht. There’s no CGI at work here as seen in this behind-the-scenes video where Black Sails co-creator/executive producer Jonathan Steinberg and the show’s costume and production design team discuss their process, of particular note: It took four to five months to build that pirate ship.

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  1. Yeah, keep collecting that massive ludicrous salary while your employees are treated like…crap. You do seem to have a stranglehold on original programming mediocrity…sleep well, little man.

  2. Two pirate shows on TV you say ? Coincidence you say ? How about co-star playing new comer to pirate society whose kept alive only by critical knowledge he has about treasure legendary pirate (star of the show) is after. What are odds ?

  3. They spent millions on CGI, and it is all through that video, what are you talking about?

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