nielsen-logoNielsen has launched demographic data for its Twitter TV Ratings that will be delivered overnight for programming across more than 250 U.S. TV networks. Age ranges will include 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-54, 55+, and 18-49 and will provide data on the age and gender of both people who tweet (authors) and see tweets (audience) about TV. The news comes as the measurement service released a report today asserting that analysis of 273 broadcast and cable program episodes reveals “broad age and gender distribution across programming”; “significant differences in the age and gender profiles of Tweeters across programming types” and, perhaps unsurprisingly, that “Twitter enables TV networks and advertisers to reach audiences beyond their core demographics.” According to the research, in the U.S. 36 million people tweeted about TV in 2013, while 990 million tweets were sent about TV.

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The main demographic of interest is 18-49. From my understanding, it has to do with building brand...
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They couldn't have done this oh, I don't know, in 2012!
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It doesn't matter WHY you're watching, only THAT you're watching. A hateful eyeball sees as many ads...

“People who see TV-related tweets outnumber Twitter TV Authors by a margin of 50-1,” the report says, but the new analysis reveals that “the Twitter TV Audience is also more demographically balanced than Twitter TV Authors,” suggesting that “advertisers and programs can complement and extend traditional TV reach through Twitter TV audiences. A program that skews older could connect with a younger audience through the reach of tweets sent about the show. Similarly, a program that skews female can reach a more male audience through the reach of tweets sent about the show.”