michaeldoughEXCLUSIVE: Legendary has closed a deal for Michael Dougherty to co-write and direct Krampus, a twisted horror comedy set around the Christmas holiday that’s co-written by Todd Casey and Zach Shields. Based on an ancient legend about a pagan demon who punishes the wicked, Krampus is similar in style to Dougherty’s cult hit Trick R’ Treat. Dougherty also co-wrote X2, the second installment of the X-Men franchise, and Superman Returns. He’s also working on a sequel to Trick R’ Treat. That is also at Legendary, which clearly likes the writer-director.

“The dark ancient origins of our holidays have always fascinated me,” Dougherty said. “I’ve been drawing twisted Christmas cards for well over a decade, so it only made sense to bring some of that morbid yuletide fun to the big screen, and Krampus was the perfect mythology to do that. Christmas has been invading Halloween for far too long. It’s time to return the favor.”

Dougherty is repped by WME and Circle of Confusion.

David Markland
11 months
Legendary didn't screw up TrT, it was WB. The moment they severed ties, TrT 2 was announced.
11 months
Exactly. He discussed it on his podcast and then started discussions with Gene Simmons to produce it.
11 months
Yeah Disco Robot I was asking the same question. Maybe this will make Smith finally retire from...