Cannes: Jeffrey Katzenberg Becomes Commander Of The Order Of Arts And Letters In Festival Ceremony

Rounding out a successful Cannes launch of How To Train Your Dragon 2, DreamWorks Animation‘s Jeffrey Katzenberg this Cannes2014_badgemorning became a Commander of the Order Of Arts And Letters in a Palais ceremony presided over by French Culture Minister Aurelie Filippetti. Cannes Film Festival programming wizard Thierry Fremaux also attended the ceremony and joined KatzenbergOrderin photos with the pair afterwards. The minister lauded the professional and humanitarian achievements of the DWA chief before he accepted the prestigious honor. “I actually have too much to say here but I won’t make it too long. I have found a second home here in France for 40 years. I have so many things to be grateful for the inspiration and the mentorship for so many things that originate here in France, which in many ways not only is the birthplace of cinema, but also culture. I have been blessed to be a part of the Cannes Film Festival commander-of-the-order-of-arts-and-letterswhich is the greatest platform and home of prestigious cinema anywhere in the world. To be on that red carpet, to be in that Palais I think is  really the greatest honor any filmmaker can have.” Katzenberg also acknowledged retiring President Gilles Jacob and Fremaux, who he said has brought “great artistic vision to the festival. His welcoming of animation well over a decade ago made history.”

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He also mentioned his own relationship with the incoming president of the festival, Pierre Lescure , who was also in attendance today. “As the next president of the festival, it only insures many more decades of success,” he said. “To receive this is really a great honor and one that I am greatly appreciative of.”

Other recipients of this honor include Bono, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz , Lou Reed, Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Katzenberg got it without being able to sing or being James Bond. Impressive.

  1. How dare they insult King Jeffrey like this. He is much more than just Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters. King Jeffrey is King of the Castle, Lord of the Manor, Master of the Realm, Regent of Hollywood and Duke of DreamWorks. He is also the Smartest Man On Earth and he is overdue for a Nobel Peace Prize,he should also be annointed Secretary General of the United Nations. He could be President of the United States but that would be a demotion for him he’s much more important than that and for the Cannes Film Festival to deny him all that he deserves is disgraceful. Give the man the respect he deserves! Don’t waste his time with such a minor award. He is far greater and more worthy than this ceremonial medal.

  2. I wouldn’t agree to him commanding a toothbrush, never mind anything art related.

    Cannes lost the culture a few years ago.

    This is watching two insignificant people pat each other on the back

  3. As per Cannes… As soon as Mickey Mouse passed the louvre and left Paris without picking up a French passport, Cannes was left without direction.

    Jeffrey is a loser.

  4. It’s quite disgusting that Spielberg or Katzenberg have any official role at Cannes at all, since it is a conflict of interest. The role Cannes is supposed to play is opposite of the person Jeffrey is… it’s letting the wolf be the sheppard in a way.

    Regardless, it should be noted that the condition of Y K is “Your Majesty”. Jeffrey and Steven will not likely ever get near His Majesty, but should they ever come close, please inform them to refer to him as “Your Majesty”.

    Thank You

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