History Channel produced a special video which was screened at tonight’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner,  The 100th Anniversary — The White House Correspondents’ Association, which took a look back at how the press organization formed during Woodrow Wilson’s presidency and ultimately impacted Capitol Hill press coverage.  Diane Sawyer narrates and President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton were interviewed, with the latter remarking about the WHCA, “I always tried to put myself in their position and they had a difficult job to do and needed a news story everyday.  And if I didn’t give them one, they’d have one anyway and sometimes it would be one I didn’t like.” Take a look:

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Mike Aldax
2 years
@True Tea Party Patriot-- you seem like an INCREDIBLY smart person. Please submit your real name so...
2 years
They didn't mention Benghazi during last night's Baltimore-Minnesota game either. Wonder why. It must be a conspiracy.
Vaughn Leland
2 years
LOL! Please tell me you're not serious, nutjob. Not everything is about your conspiracies. Just like not...