24 Live Another Day  photos

Almost 4 years after 24‘s eighth season ended, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is back. Tonight’s 2-hour debut of the limited event 24: Live Another Day sees 4 years having passed in Bauer’s life and the world-saving anti-terrorism agent now over in the UK, just as the President is there to negotiate a major treaty. Do the math and await the mayhem. In the meantime, check out our look at some of the highlights of the Emmy-winning series.

Gordon Mc
2 years
/sigh This is actually season nine ... Live Another Day is simply a marketing tagline that doesn't...
2 years
Its nice to see Sutherland back in a role that is great mind candy.
Edgar from CTU
2 years
My death was the most tragic why did they have to kill me?