From the Interesting Timing department: The same day Craig Ferguson tells his audience he’s leaving The Late Late Show in December, Chelsea Handler turns up a guest on TBS’ Conan. There’s been no shortage of chatter about what the future holds for the soon-to-be-former host of E!’s Chelsea Lately. Several days ago on Ellen, Handler ended her teasing about a CBS late-night gig, saying she “would never be on a regular network”. And when Conan O’Brien mentions the scuttlebutt about Handler being close to signing to do a Netflix show, she retorts, “Everything that’s been printed about me is a lie.” Later, in something of a backpedal/attention getter, she adds, “Everything’s an option, honestly.” But O’Brien gets the last laugh in this clip — literally. Have a look:

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Dear Jed, Thank you for expressing EXACTLY how i feel about Ms. Handler.
ck fan
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Uh, Michael 8:10am: Louis CK has complete creative control over his critically acclaimed program on FX. Unless...
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Because the talk show format is hacky, shallow, and really should be considered obsolete by now. Monologue:...