The Horses MouthThe Horse’s Mouth is an ongoing feature with a collection of head-scratching comments and crazy conversations we’ve had with people across the industry that made us laugh. We thought we’d share them with you. No need to call for a retraction as no one but your assistant (if they were listening in) will know who you are. We’ll never tell:

Reporter: Are we all still on for lunch?
Publicist: Yes, but we eat fast, so don’t order any desserts or coffee.


Publicist: Can you put in that the movie had an A- CinemaScore?
Reporter: I did that already on Friday when I did all the other CinemaScores. Scroll down and you will see it.
Publicist: Ahhh, I didn’t scroll far enough. Thank u so much! Sorry to bother u on a Sunday.
Reporter: No worries … and it’s a Monday.


Reporter: I heard there were a lot of layoffs at your company today.
Exec: Oh, it was nothing. Just normal stuff.
Reporter: Really?
Exec: Yeah, just one of those things. Just a normal day.
Reporter: Laying off an entire staff is a normal day?!
Exec: Well, I don’t want you to make a big deal of it.


Reporter: Why weren’t we sent your announcement about release date changes?
Publicist: We didn’t send out an announcement.
Reporter: Then why did all the stories say that the [studio] announced it?
Publicist: I don’t know.
Reporter: Maybe it’s because you announced it?


9 months
re: the last one — obviously reporter (and commenters) have no idea the volume of calls/emails/scheduling all…

Been on both
9 months
In theory, that would be nice. In reality, no one has time to do someone else’s job….

9 months
I’d appreciate more of these, much, much more frequently.

Assistant: Can I get a couple of dates when you’re free to have lunch with [my boss]?
Reporter: How about April 1st or 2nd?
Assistant: Great. Can you write that down and send it to me in an email?
Reporter: But I’m telling you now. On the phone.
Assistant: I need it on an email.
Reporter: But I just told you the dates.
Assistant: Well, we do everything on email.
Reporter: But you just called me. And it’s only two dates. The 1st or the 2nd.
Assistant: (heavy sigh) OK, I guess we can do it this way. Can you do the 2nd?


Separated at Birth?

Bradley Cooper                       Johnny Depp
in American Hustle              in Transcendence

Bradley Cooper in American Hustle transcendence-trailer-johnny-depp