Sometime next year Stephen Colbert will be on the other end of a Late Show interview, but for now he’s just a guest. Before he takes over the show, the soon-to-be-former-Colbert Report host chatted with retiree-in-waiting David Letterman tonight at CBS’ Ed Sullivan Theatre. (Watch a clip here.) While we wait to hear what each has to say about all this, here are a few snapshots — including the obligatory selfie — from the visit. Check Deadline later tonight to read Lisa de Moraes’ recap of the meeting of the Late Show hosts.

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Dave Stephen handshake

9 months
Your tinfoil hat is on too tight.

Say Cheese
9 months
Photo-shop this with Hilary’s head on Colbert’s and Obama’s head on Letterman’s and post it on YouTube….

9 months
People STILL watchign ‘T’ ‘V’? With what we NOW know about TAVISTOCK m,ind control and the surveillance…

Dave Stephen Interview

Dave Stephen selfie