Late-night TV was much more fun when its stars held grudges — Dave dissed Jay, Jay nixed Joan out of respect to Johnny, Kimmel savaged Jay, and so on. These days, effusive praise of one another is the fashion. On NBC last night, Seth Meyers told his audience new CBS Late Show  star Stephen Colbert is “one of the nicest people” he’s ever met and they both went to Northwestern, “so that’s very exciting for me.” Jimmy Fallon assured his audience that while “the media” is talking about “how there is going to be a new late-night war…there’s not going to be any war.”

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Here’s Fallon, followed by Meyers, welcoming Colbert to the broadcast fray:

2 years
Am I the only one noticing Fallon's ratings free fall, while still being touted as "On fire,"...
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Vaughn Leland
2 years
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