Guess Joel McHale really didn’t know what he was signing up for when he took the gig to headline this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Seems once the E! host and star of NBC’s Community learned that he’d be fronting “Nerdprom” — as the WHCD has been tagged in the last few years — he re-tweeted a posting from C-SPAN today and proclaimed “I’m out.” Of course, McHale isn’t going anywhere, but rather amping up the hype heading into Saturday’s centennial dinner with President Obama at the Washington Hilton.

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As part of that push, McHale stopped by David Letterman’s show Monday night, with Letterman trying to to find out what was on McHale’s mind as he prepped for the gig, also known in DC as the annual Hollywood petting zoo. Turns out, it was not much:

And here is what Letterman was talking about:

2 years
Please for the next two years you will do this dinners, get The past years they have...
2 years
Completely agree. Now what would we call a Nate Silver event?
2 years
Joel McHale... Seahawks Fan!!