EMMYS: 'Tonight Show' With Hosts Jay Leno & Jimmy Fallon Both Submitted For Consideration

Tonight Show Emmys Jimmy Fallon Jay LenoWith NBC’s The Tonight Show making a transition from host Jay Leno to Jimmy Fallon midway through the season, both versions are eligible for Primetime Emmys. The same goes for Late Night and its incarnations hosted by Fallon and Seth Meyers. I’ve learned that both The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Emmyslogo_newand The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon are being submitted by NBC along with Late Night With Seth Meyers, Last Call With Carson Daly and the network’s venerable late-night sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. NBC was in a similar situation during the 2009-2010 season when both The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien, which aired through January, and Tonight Show With Jay Leno, which succeeded it, were submitted (O’Brien landed a nomination). Given the fact that Fallon just moved into Tonight Show and is looking to establish himself as host, it makes sense for him only to be submitted for that show. For Leno, this could be the last time he is up for a late-night Emmy. His Tonight Show has been nominated 10 times for Best Music, Comedy Or Variety Series, winning once. Fallon and Meyers’ previous shows, Late Night and SNL, also have been nominated in the top variety category.

In other Emmy submission news, Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black is switching to comedy series after its surprise run as a drama series at the Golden Globes, where it netted an acting nomination for Taylor Schilling. The series had a lot of success as a comedy at the WGA Awards where it received four nominations, including best comedy series. The move leaves Netflix with solid contenders both on the drama (House Of Cards) and comedy (Orange) side.

  1. Well, we know which “Tonight Show” will win the nomination…hint: NOT JAY! NBC, the only reason they still exist of because of “The Voice” , “Chicago PD” , “Law & Order: SVU” and “Dateline NBC”. Here’s to hoping the push for Jay’s final nomination hard. Jay might not care but it will show they (NBC) still apparently like him.

    1. that’s quite a few good reasons “they exist” which dilutes the point your trying to make…if you want to dilute it further please also mention Sunday Night Football, The Blacklist and Chicago Fire…even their new Tuesday comedies are doing well enough for them to sweep every 1/2 hr last night. Get a clue buddy!

  2. Jenz, I know I forgot Sunday Night Football and The Blacklist it was a mistake I just realized. Chicago Fire isn’t really a “HIT” as it was in season one but maintains great for NBC. The sole reason the two new comedies work is because of heavy promotion and because it airs after “The Voice” anyone can connect the dots. Why do you think NBC is pushing both Leno AND Fallon, respond to that that’s your clue!

    1. paz, true NBC will place fourth but will tie with either FOX or ABC for the demo, but might have the edge for fourth place (viewer wise) which would result in a tie for fourth with ABC. Must you really use Idiot as a sentence finisher?

      1. Huh? NBC is poised to finish the season first in the demo and 2nd in viewers. Am I missing something? What the fuck are you hilllbillies talking about?!

  3. With all due respect to Fallon, it’s a little early in the game to be considered for an Emmy, and I believe the Emmy voters will withhold this nomination until next year.

    As for Leno’s Tonight, I can see it being one of the initial nominees, but probably not a contender.

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