Will Smith's 'After Earth,' 'Movie 43,' Top 2014's Razzie Awards For Worst Of The Year

razziesRelativity’s sketch comedy pic Movie 43 tied with Sony’s Will Smith starrer After Earth tonight at the 34th Golden Raspberry Awards “honoring” the worst movies and performances of the year. Worst Picture winner Movie 43‘s trio of Razzies include Worst Director Honors for a whopping 13 directors including Peter Farrelly, Elizabeth Banks, Brett Ratner, and Bob Odenkirk, with the Razzie for Worst Screenplay split between the anthology’s 29 screenwriters. After Earth took home Worst Supporting Actor for Will Smith and Worst Lead Actor for son Jaden, who also teamed up to nab the Razzie for Worst Screen Combo. Votes were culled online from 800 voting members with additional Razzies going to Tyler Perry (Worst Actress, A Madea Christmas), Kim Kardashian (Worst Supporting Actress, Tyler Perry’s Temptation), and Disney’s big budget bomb The Lone Ranger (Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel). Meanwhile, six-time Razzie winner Adam Sandler was nominated this year in two categories for comedy sequel Grown Ups 2 while Sylvester Stallone was nominated for three pics from 2013, but both went home empty-handed.

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  1. Just wish these where broadcast live just prior to the Oscar “Meyer” awards. The Razzies represent the true state of Hollywood movie making. A good prick to egos is always worth watching, Will and Jada congratulations on a well deserved win.

  2. How Could Inappropriate Comedy wayyyyy worst than Movie 43 not even get nominated??

    It made 70% less money and was much more amateur ! Hard to believe the Razzies ONLY play to Studio and Mini Major flicks! Mr Shamwow will never be a director!

  3. Lone Ranger may be a bloated misfire with a slew of problems, but at least it has a couple highly entertaining set pieces and a quality cast giving it their all. It’s not remotely as bad as the media would have you believe, and its Razzie “win” is just pandering to the press and kicking a high-profile flop while it’s down.

    A Good Day to Die Hard, on the other hand, took a beloved franchise and put it in the hands of a hack writer and incompetent director and had Bruce Willis sleepwalk around through a cast of nobodies. It’s a Die Hard flick made by morons who had apparently never seen a Die Hard movie. It’s the worst movie I’ve seen this decade, and the Razzies DIDN’T EVEN NOMINATE IT.

  4. Ugh – the RAZZIES could be so wonderful – but the duo running it are so stuck in the “old Hollywood” era, vaudevillian comedy schtick it always feels dated and out of touch. The “live show” and videos they put out there are beyond amateur… And the nominees never Clevver or legitimate. Just whatever bombed at the box office. Movie 43 while terrible, has one of the funniest scenes of any movie last year (the segment with Liev Schrieber and Naomi Watts) I bet the voters didn’t even watch it. I hope someone with better creative instincts can take over the reigns and make this show something legitimately fun and honest.

  5. Really, you had to pick on a kid (Jaden Smith) for your negative awards???
    Shame on you. You should go back and watch Sunday Morning on CBS for March 2nd and see how negative criticism affects people and then try amend your ways.
    Don’t dis people just because you can. Try to have a positive consciousness about your job.
    May Anderson

  6. Never a bad movie made…just a bad script written for the wrong actors in that role….. example will smith great actor ( not my favorite but give credit where its due) …..and his son is young, so we should never make judgement on his talents….the streets of skidrow is full of shattered dreams……

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