UPDATE: 'Frozen's Best Song Winner “Let It Go” Gets Jimmy Fallon Treatment After Oscar Win (Video)

UPDATE, 4:33 PM: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has done its part to contribute to the wild viral video run of Frozen‘s Best Song Oscar winner “Let It Go”. YouTube is hosting countless versions that are getting millions and millions of hits, and now there’s this one from last night that has Idina Menzel contributing to Fallon’s take featuring kids instruments like the kazoo and toy blocks courtesy of house band The Roots. Check it out:

Oscars Frozen Idina MenzelPREVIOUS, SUNDAY PM: Disney‘s Best Animated winner Frozen nabbed Best Original Song honors tonight after star Idina Menzel belted out the pic’s signature tune earlier in the Oscars show. Below you can watch clips of all four Best Song nominee performances, including the Tony-winning Menzel belting “Let It Go,” Pharrell Williams‘ dance-filled “Happy” number from Despicable Me 2, Karen O’s subdued performance of “Moon Song” from Her, and U2 performing “Ordinary Love” from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom for the very the last time this awards season.

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Idina Menzel performs “Let It Go” from Frozen:

Pharrell Williams performs “Happy” from Despicable Me 2:

Karen O performs “Moon Song” from Her:

U2 performs “Ordinary Love” from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom:

    1. Ha! I know. What was that? Dyslexia? Messed up teleprompter? The dye from his fake hair leaking into his brain?

      1. The show was FILLED with mistakes. Not only technical but presenters who were constantly either flubbing their supposedly rehearsed lines, mispronounciations of names and John Travolta completely getting Idina’s name wrong. Were these people buzzed on medication, hopeless in general, or were so many of them in desperate need of wearing glasses to read a teleprompter? The whole show was an embarrassment. Total amateur hour.

    2. The time they wasted having Travolta stroll out and butcher her name could have been used to showcase the full song instead of that rushed pitchy version. Way to showcase your own Oscar winner, ABC Disney.

  1. Dear Academy Members,

    regarding the fact that Roger Deakins has still not won an Oscar. GO F YOURSELVES. No I didn’t see Gravity. Looks like a snoozer.

    1. “Why didn’t this movie I didn’t see lose an award I’m unqualified to evaluate the merits of?”

      Fixed that for you.

      1. Totally disagree about Gravity. It was a technical wonder and drew you into the screen. May not have been the best script but you were put in a trance watching all the technical stuff.

  2. Dear Albert…only a “tool” will comment that a movie appears to be a “snoozer” without watching it.

  3. The song was noticeably sped up – presumably to trim time from the show. Idina was clearly rushed in her delivery.

  4. I love Idina Mendez, she is excellent in every thing she does. She sings so well. I am surprised that she does get more work and recognition than she does. I saw her in “Rent” and she was spectacular. Great job singing “Let it go” Mrs Mendez.

  5. Ugh, Ida was probably given a gift when Travolta botched her name. It really overshadowed her rushed, screechy performance. I don’t know if she couldn’t hear the orchestra or was really nervous, but she was really pushing the tempo, she was jumping on the next phrase about a half a beat early each time. You could hear the orchestra trying to catch up.

    And those high notes at the end, whoa. She was really struggling to land those and kind of screamed them.

    1. But at least in my experience, the performance we saw on Oscar night by Menzel is exactly how she performed when I saw her in ‘Rent’ and ‘Wicked’ in NYC. Rushed, off-pitch, screechy, nervous and shrill. Similar to what one would expect from an ‘American Idol’ contestant, but not from a Broadway ‘star’. Really Hollywood…this was the best you could do?

      And with so many talented woman who can sing sitting right there in the audience…it must have been even more painful for them to sit through than the rest of us.

  6. The song in the movie is 3:40 she was given 2:30 to sing the song…U2 got a full 3:00 and their song is 3:10…so yea, I would say she was rushed on a song that’s a belter and needs time to build and for a singer to have great breath control

  7. BETTE MIDLER stole the entire show with her Wind Beneath My Wings. U2 can get on both knees and scream his head off with no real effect except that he’s putting on a show; mrWilliams can jump all over the stage in tempo with all his animated moves; and the girls can whispersing their songs all night long; but no other musical performer touched the soul of the listeners, felt the intense/dynamic/emotion of Bette’s delivery. She is still FANTASTIC.

    1. Agreed, except for the fact that she was off pitch, off-key, and couldn’t hold a note if her life depended upon it. Love Bette as a ‘performer’, but simple fact is she just never had much of a voice, let alone now that she’s pushing 70.

  8. Sorry to see “Let it Go” get such a poor treatment in the live performance. First, the timing was off. Second, they dropped an entire section of the song. Third, for whatever reason Idina seemed to be struggling to plow through it.

    Watch the official version online. It will give you goosebumps…. well, unless you watch the Demi Lovato version. That’ll just give you nausea.

  9. You are all clueless. Pink’s performance out-shined everything on that awful Oscars show. She stole the show just as she did the Grammys a couple of years ago.

  10. Idina’s performance on Tonight was adorable. A must see for kids who love the movie and the song.

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