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OSCARS: Matthew McConaughey And Jared Leto Share Secrets And Challenges Of Bringing 'Dallas Buyers Club' To Life (Video)

EXCLUSIVE: Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto have become the focus of Focus Features’ Academy campaign for Dallas Buyers Club with ads proclaiming “the year’s two most transformative performances are now its most honored”. Certainly it would be hard to argue with that as both won at SAG, the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Movie Awards, not to mention just about a clean sweep for Leto among the many critics groups who dole out these kinds of honors. The awards haul have made them front-runners according to pundits, but both have been acting like they are running from behind, appropriate for a movie that took 20 years to get to the screen, that no one wanted to make, that was shot on a tight 24-day schedule for under $5 million and used only available light. Neither is leaving any stone unturned in bringing attention to the ‘little-film-that-could’ in this year’s Oscar race. McConaughey, for example turned up during Jay Leno’s last week on The Tonight Show and he will be doing Jimmy Kimmel and Queen Latifah’s talk shows next week in addition to Inside The Actors Studio and personal appearances for the Actors Fund in LA and NY. In this featurette the pair talk about working together and the challenges of bringing these unique roles to life.

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  1. I want to see secrets and challenges of being celebrated for fundamentally mediocre performances hidden under impressive, though not exactly plot condusive physical changes. I suppose I just answered my own question. Matt is absolutely off his rocker and so lame, fake and disconnected in so many scenes. Many others could’ve been twice as impactful without losing the weight, is that worth honoring in such a strong year. Had to be said finally. He’s as big a yahoo as ever on True Detective too.

  2. I went to this film having heard about it’s Aids theme and that Matthew McConaughey had lost weight to reflect a characters battle. I was blown away by the true, raw human emotions, courageous behavior, and depth of crisis. I thought Mr. McConaughey met the exceptional challenge of getting into the skin of Ron. I absolutely fell in love with Rayon; so gentle and kind – to others. And because of that connection – seeing Ron through her eyes – I grew warmer to Ron. Jared Leto was so true to Rayon. Outstanding. Jennifer Garner was a corner to the triangle – and with her the whole thing came off stronger. Bravo. My heart aches for these people represented…long after the credits rolled.

  3. When I saw “Dallas Buyers Club” I was afraid, despite the sterling reviews, that it would be a dreadful, sentimental load of tosh. It is a brutally shot bit of cinéma-vérité with the two strongest central performances I’ve seen in recent years.

    I had little knowledge of, or appreciation for, McConaughey or Leto. Their performances were staggering. McConaughey’s desperation was palpable, he was a life force that wouldn’t be denied, and Leto’s performance as seductive and fragile as a butterfly kiss.

    The film has only grown stronger in my memory since originally seeing it. American Hustle, Wolf of Wall Street, Nebraska, Philomena have all faded. Even 12 Years which I loved has not had the power to continue to grip hold of my emotions like Dallas Buyers Club did.

    I lost a couple of friends to AIDS. They haven’t left me either. Like Ron and Rayon, they did not go gently into that good night.

  4. Hey want to see, I agree that physical changes no matter how impressive mean nothing if done for its own sake, however we are talking about an actor who was quite the beefcake (google Magic Mike) taking on a character with full blown AIDS. Google images of people with with this disease, ask anyone who has treated sufferers back then (or now if they don’t have access to treatments) and they’ll tell you that the transformations were spot on. So while not “plot conducive” the transformations of both actors were essential to the characters themselves. Name any actor you think surpasses MM and I doubt that they would be able to convince anyone they have the disease without the weight loss (sorry make-up and wardrobe can only go so far no matter how talented the artists). As for the mediocre performances, I think the only person off their rocker is you. The performances were amazing, if they weren’t they wouldn’t have been given this much recognition. Of the two I have to say Leto really blew everyone off the screen though. I saw this film at TIFF, and I hadn’t walked out of a theatre feeling like that in a long time.

  5. I absolutely love Matthew Mcconaughey and would love for him to win an oscar, but after seeing wolf of wall street, Leonardo Dicaprio gives such a tour de force performance and should rightfully finally win best actor. I predict this will be the first of many nominations for Mcconaughey.

  6. I find it rather odd that Jared Leto has become the front runner when he seems to be a hollywood outsider who gives rather odd acceptance speeches, or perhaps that is why he will win.

    1. The Academy Awards are about the quality of the work, not how good prospective acceptance speeches are or the social status of the artist…

    2. Jared has been an outsider because he is an actor and a musician with no formal training. So he doesn’t ‘fit’ with the actor crowd or the rock crowd (poor darling). He’s won all the critic’s awards (around 30 so far) for his acting in this movie. If he doesn’t win the Oscar, something is very wrong. I’ve seen the movie 3 times & the last 2 times I couldn’t believe I appreciated his performance even more. Mathew was so good but I know many want Leo to finally get an Oscar. If they vote for Leo, I hope they still vote Jared best supporting actor since none of the others were this good.
      BTW, he didn’t have a speech prepared cuz he didn’t think he’d win.

  7. did need to be said. weight loss would be fine except for the first 40 minutes of the film the character is supposed to be surprised he has the disease.

  8. Kudos to “Minnie” above. Such beautiful writing almost overshadows “Dallas Buyers Club.” I agree 100 percent. I saw the movie three times, and they weren’t enough. May Jared Leto live forever …

  9. McConanghey and Leto gave outstanding performances BUT one thing
    that amazed me….Matt was always shaved? During his sick period
    he was clean cut? I can’t believe that the director didn’t even notice? Had I directed it…I would have had him with a “two or three day needed shave”? Anyway, that really did bother me…he was so sick and yet he looked like he had just shaved?

  10. I find it odd how people are saying that the weight loss wasn’t essential, especially the person who said it was unnessary because Matt’s character didn’t know he had the disease(so he should have suspected just because he was really skinny? pfft)
    I’m inclined to believe a lot of people judging this movie have never seen alcohilism, drug use, tb, aids or any of those diseases and how they physically affect a person, quite often without the ill person akcnowledging or being aware of their sickness. Matt’s denial about having HIV was portrayed well and left plenty of room to assume he very well believed absolutely nothing was wrong with him aside from his unhealthy debauche lifestyle. As for Jared, he was excellent. He’s always been underrated as an actor, as many -attractive or not- actors who don’t do main stream nonsense rom coms and such are, (another example would be Michael Pitt). The movie and actors were really good, they deserves the Oscar and every award they have won thus far.

  11. I watched the movie just out of curiosity, but without high expectations. Matt’s portrayal of a cowboy was weird, especially for somebody who actually is a Texan. He seemed more like a Jersey gangster with an exaggerated Texas accent than the real deal. But, once he stopped trying to act like a cowboy and started dealing with the HIV/AIDS issue, Matt toned down the gangsta act and the over-done Texas accent – the movie got a lot more interesting. Leto played his part convincingly the whole way through. In his case it seemed he was just being himself rather than “acting,” but I don’t know him well enough to know if that’s because he’s an excellent actor or just true-to-type casting. Rayon’s part didn’t seem a large enough role to warrant an oscar. Matt would get my vote for this year’s Best Actor.

  12. You”rea mean spirited indivual and I feel sad for you. This performances by both individuals was both amazing,and thoughtful. Aside from the weight loss , theses characters embodied the spirit of humility and humanity. I feel sorry for those who don’t see it. I accept the social aspect of it. But not the morale aspect. It’s boot my job to judge
    , just my job

    B to love. Not accept their sin. I have my own sin to repent.

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