Oscars: Mandela Family Coming To The Academy Awards For U2 Performance

EXCLUSIVE: The Mandelas will be coming to the Oscars.

mandela-long-walkThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences have invited Nelson and Winnie Mandela‘s daughters Zindzi and Zenani to attend the Oscars where U2 will be performing the Academy  Award-nominated song, “Ordinary Love” from the film  Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. Bono and U2 were personal friends of their father, and have been working in the Anti-Apartheid movement through their music since the late 1970s when the girls were only in their teens. In a statement the girls said, “This is especially meaningful to us because of how much our father loved watching movies. This song was inspired by the beautiful letters that my father and mother exchanged while he was imprisoned at Robben Island.”

In addition to the U2 performance the Academy has previously announced all the other nominated songs will also be performed live (by Pharrell Williams, Karen O and Idina Menzel) along with musical performances from Bette Midler and Pink. The Oscars will be held on Sunday March 2nd and aired live on ABC.

mandelaMeanwhile, the 45th annual NAACP Image Awards held tonight in Pasadena added a surprise tribute to the late South African leader with Oprah Winfrey leading the honors. Mandela star Idris Elba is set to join Winfrey in the tribute which will also include an appearance and performance by Stevie Wonder celebrating the late Mandela’s lifelong efforts in the name of freedom and equality. Elba will share a special message from Winnie Mandela acknowledging the Oscar-nominated song “Ordinary Love.” The NAACP Awards air live tonight on TV One.

  1. To all those about to read this comment, please, don’t respond with racial or anti racial comments as you think they may have anything to do with the following…they do not in any way.

    To me, the Oscars are beginning to smell and feel like the State of the Union speech where the balcony has noble people representing various civic, government, military or whatever representing the ideals put forward by the President. I am not a big fan of this political grandstanding, but I accept it in its environment.

    The mix of politics and entertainment, especially current AMPAS SOP combined with the Presidential screenings at the White House even more so during awards season… to FLOTUS announcing an Oscar winner just cheapens the entire creative process in my mind and heart.

    I think it is wonderful that AMPAS chose to invite members of the Mandela family to attend…but, this story and the pr stuff takes away all of the honor and glory and simply politicizes what could easily have been a more subtle gesture.

    This is the reason the awards season and process have gone so far over the top…it has become no longer an industry function in which to take great pride…but, a cluster&$&#% of bullshit.

    To the Mandela family, this comment is in no way meant to offend Nelson who was one of the true heroes of the human experience. Honoring he and you is great, but not with the politics that are being used at the same time.

    So, enjoy the show, Please, understand this is not about you, and I feel bad that I still felt making this comment was warranted.

  2. Dear Pete,

    You may post this if you wish along with the previous post…if you post it.

    You know I have great respect for your journalism especially in the weirdness of the Hollywood environment. I thought long and hard about the Mandela post, and obviously, am still thinking about it. Truly, I don’t care if people misunderstand it and call me an asshole…but, Pete, I was just wondering…do you get it…and, do think I am wrong?

    Maybe stating what should be obvious to all about the awards process is something I take bit too seriously…because I have the honor to be a voter.

    Like Mission Impossible…maybe, these two comments should self destruct.

    Thanks for listening, Pete.

  3. Nobody…and I mean nobody wants nothing. Hollywood, artist, multi national corporations, all have an agenda. To think anything less is the Height of naivety.

    1. I do not disagree, but two points are worth mentioning.

      1) Oscar voting deadline is not until Tuesday, February 25th, and as such, this press release about the invitation could and should have waited until then.

      2) How can the pantheon of entertainment organizations enforce a rule about 75 emails to friends telling them to check out his ( AMPAS Governor) song because it is buried in the landscape? It just seems to me, especially in this category, AMPAS “rules” are very flexible when convenient…and, incredibly brutal to the competition…when not.

      They took away a nomination over emails, but have blinders or focus on stuff like this??? And, for the record, I have no song choice because I really have no credible knowledge of the nominees to make a judgement.

      The difference between being naive and caring…is that you keep on running into windmills.

      Truly, I hope I am not a dying breed.

      “For what is a man…” for those who know the lyrics.

  4. That is superb, I hope that the song wins the Oscar both for the Mandela family but also because it is a triumphant U2 classic. Great to see Bono & the boys at The Oscars

  5. This song is weak and does not deserve the Oscar over Let It Go, which has had an effect on global culture like no other movie song in recent years.

    1. “Let it Go” is weak if it wasn’t affiliated w/ Disney the master recording of it would be thrown in a garbage disposal somewhere.The “Let it Go” song is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

  6. To Jack,

    “Ordinary Love” is the boring, dull song that really has nothing to do with Mandela. It’s like the year “My Heart Will Go On” was released: global phenom that won’t die.

  7. Let It Go is Broadway/Disney schmaltz. Syrupy lyrics over bland music. Any of the other three songs is more deserving.

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